Franka Dervishi

Hello 👋

this is Franka Dervishi

A passionate wordsmith.

As a published author of fiction novels working as a content specialist in digital marketing, many curious eyes ask me how I can combine my passion for writing with reports, keywords, and trends from my work position. Honestly, I’ve matched them perfectly with Publer!

Composing dynamic, challenging, and compelling content in various formats is among the many skills I want to root in Publer. There’s a lot of room to research, learn, analyze and improve my skills within Publer’s forward-thinking path toward success.

So, why did I join Publer?

First, I love Our Superhero!

Second, I’m part of a fantastic team!

Third, I get the chance to add true value in all aspects!

There’s always this weird bias between being a creative and daring novelist or a formal and authoritative content specialist. They’re both writers with distinctive mindsets. And to me, Publer is the golden shot to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Publer's team retreat
With from Albania 🇦🇱 and Kosovo 🇽🇰