Mags Espada

Hello πŸ‘‹

this is Mags Espada

A community manager who believes that recurring revenue results from recurring relationships.

Meet Publer's first-ever team member from the Philippines. Yep, that's me. I was looking for the perfect SaaS company to help with community management. When I saw that the CEO was active on social and responding to comments and even my private messages, I knew I had found one.

Like any other business, the subscription model is beyond the sale. So it pays to become authentic and truly add care to your customers and prospective ones because a recurring relationship means recurring revenue.

Successful SaaS companies all have one thing in common β€” they have customers who advocate for their products. These customers share the latest news and developments with their contacts, spreading the word about the company and converting new customers.

This is where community management comes in. It delivers timely insights about what your customers want, how they prefer to interact with you, and why they are leaving or staying.

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