Orges Mihaj

Hello 👋

this is Orges Mihaj

Software engineer and a computer science enthusiast.

As a software engineer, I solve business problems through technology. I design, develop, test, deploy, maintain, and enhance software solutions. I may occasionally code to acquire new skills or understand the ground reality, but that is not the only part of my job description. Additionally, I try to understand our users' needs and behaviors while gathering insights that inform product strategy and design. Here at Publer, user experience is at the forefront of how we develop intuitive products that people enjoy.

We simply start by reading and evaluating each user's feedback. We move on by considering the feasibility of the suggested feature and designing and implementing the solution. Each step is carefully considered and looked up by each team member. We believe that our most significant strength is our team's effectiveness through collaboration.

We are not driven to be the best; We are driven to be better.

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