100K Users! Our journey just keeps getting better!

Our Journey To 100'000 Users! Publer

It’s truly magical to see that a side project of a student turned out to be the main marketing toolkit for over 100K users in the world. 

The busy work-life routine didn’t make him step back from the side project he had already started but motivated him to actually continue and conquer higher heights, influencing huge international brands that were already established.

We took the time to reflect on our journey and realized that we’ve helped our business, as well as others, grow through any hardships.

Thanks to 100k users on Publer

During the past years, these results came quicker with the help of a passionate team of 9 whose core to growing professionally has always been consistency and understanding the audience!

No matter how fast time passes, we know that listening to our audience and writing down every suggestion, while letting others upvote ideas, is what we’ll always do!

Publer is now an international social media superhero: it helps create and find new content, design marketing visuals, organize everything in a virtual Calendar, collaborate with team members and clients on Workspaces – and it’s safe to say that everyone is loving it!

One thing we’ll always be grateful for is the number of supporters: ambassadors that help spread the word, the loyal social media audience, and the ones that helped us overcome the unimagined Covid-19 pandemic.

Join us as an Ambassador. Help us grow while you enjoy a side-hustle.

We’ve had global/local collaborations and also, press releases.

Albania is a small country, but when it comes to supporting local businesses, we win at this! We can’t put enough words into the gratefulness whenever we come across some publications: BusinessMagazine; ApolloDigital; AlbanianTech; etc.- just to mention a few.

We’re here because we heard each and every one of you. #100K Users on Publer


Reaching 100k users is a mindblowing fact, but nothing would better describe what our customers say about us throughout our journey, other than these images below:

2022 Roadmap – Aiming + 100k Users

2022 roadmap for Publer

The first days of January 2022 were quite intense. We conducted a week-worth of meetings where we considered important new features, suggestions from our current customers and the team, and documented everything in a unified roadmap.

As you can see above, this year we’re focusing on providing an even more simplified, intuitive, flexible, and efficient tool for your marketing team. It consists of growing your business smoothly and collaborating with clients or team members.

We’re supercharging Publer!

Our team is growing!

Our team is growing!

Nothing feels more empowering than watching everyone on the team propose ideas and invest lots of energy in new marketing strategies, collaborations, and also, TikTok/ YouTube videos.

And we just can’t get enough of that!

Publer’s offices are based in Tirana and all team members enjoy hybrid working. But, now we’re officially hiring from all over the world. That’s because we’re keen on new cultures and of course, new perspectives.

We’re currently looking for Content Creators, Marketing Managers, Technical Customer Support Agents, Senior Ruby on Rails/ReactJS Engineers, and Senior React Native Developers. 

Let’s join superpowers for our journey from 100k users to 1 million users! Apply here (deadline: January 31st, 2022).

Now we have even more experience to always have exponential growth – no excuses.

From a solopreneur to a fully grown and stable team in a few years. Publer knows the secret ingredients on which success is dependant. #100K Users

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to each one of 100k users and to the new ones to come!

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