26 Blog Content Ideas To Drive Engagement in 2021

It’s completely normal for a content/blog writer to feel fresh out of ideas multiple times a month. Having a full agenda to properly follow is hard and tiring.

Been there. Done that.

As blog writers, you try to find inspiration on what happens around you, the work environment, and also by sneak-peeking the competitors. That’s understandable and healthy.

Blogging is an interesting, yet hard thing to do. It’s not revolved only around making quick research or feeling inspired. Blogging is a delicate process that takes time and a lot of effort.

Our top tips for having a healthy and productive blogging experience:

  1. Unique writing. Copying and pasting is not an option while blogging. At all. You should always be aware of that, otherwise, your blog might be prone to copyright attacks.
  2. Have a goal. Knowing why you’re writing is important. Whether it’s to get more email subscribers, boost sales, raise brand awareness, generate income, or simply help readers learn more, you should be true to yourself.
  3. Use useful digital marketing tools. Digital marketing tools are an important asset while blogging. Whether you’re using Canva to prepare amazing illustrations and blog covers, Publer to schedule and share all your articles automatically to all your social networks, or Grammarly to correct grammar and spelling – you need to make deep research and find what best suits you!

Here’s a list of 26 Blog Content Ideas To Drive Engagement in 2021:

  1. Interviews
  2. Holiday Posts
  3. Marketing Benefits
  4. Latest trends on your niche
  5. SEO Tips to Rank Higher on Google
  6. Ultimate guides
  7. Mindful Tips to stay productive
  8. Q&A with an influencer
  9. Share a content calendar
  10. Tips to monetize the blog or Work From Home ideas
  11. Share that you’re hiring
  12. Tips to understanding the sm algorithm 
  13. Gift ideas
  14. Time-saving hacks
  15. Show how you succeeded/failed
  16. Product Reviews
  17. Updates
  18. Answer FAQs
  19. Highlight an important event
  20. Share goals you aim to achieve this year
  21. Free Digital Tools to use
  22. Helpful daily routine and habits
  23. Guest posts
  24. How-to posts 
  25. Share Dos and Don’ts
  26. Organize a challenge

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