New Shopping Spotlight Features on Pinterest

Except for being inspired, now everyone can shop different products on Pinterest in a click! Finally, no more saving and heading to different websites, but an easy and fast purchase. Search for your favorite product and buy it in a second. 

Pinterest officially introduces Shopping options and we couldn’t be more excited. 

Courtesy of Pinterest.

Every user will be able to take advantage of the sales by being informed via Pinterest Pins and take action right away. It is being used by a large number of brands which always used their links to show users where to shop. But, that has changed now, in order to save a lot time and effort. 

According to, shoppable product pins engagement has been increased by 44% as the time has passed. Apparently, Amy Vener, head of retail strategy and marketing at Pinterest, says that the Top searched topics are ‘help small business’ and ‘support small business’. This is why Pinterest has taken another action in order to provide solutions to all small businesses. She also told to the, “A big focus of our product roadmap in the shopping space the last 18 months has been to bridge the gap between people getting inspired and helping them take action.”.

All customers who are actually working from home and also businesses that have closed their physical stores can finally use Pinterest Shopping Spotlight features to sell/purchase goods. 

Spotlights started showing on May 18th 2020 and everyone can use them on Desktop and mobile too.

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