7 Creative Ways to use Instagram Reels for Your Small Business

Instagram Reels are an impressive way if you want to reach a large audience and boost sales for your small business. People are loving the fast information they’re getting from these types of posts.

If you’re not using them, then take this as a sign to start today.

Reels are easy to create and are perfect for small business owners. You can share up to 60-second videos that will empower your exposure and make the algorithm work for you. This feature is a TikTok -lookalike that people are using more and more each day.

7 Creative Ways to use Instagram Reels for Your Small Business by Publer

Instagram Reels don’t last for 24 hours only. They have a special section on Instagram and everyone can surf through them anytime.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to add niche hashtags, as they help filter your posts easily and quickly.

Reels for your Small Business – Why are they a MUST?

  • Increase organic reach, followers number and sales
  • Boost engagement and improve your online presence
  • Tell a story and let others get to know you
  • They make repurposing easy

7 Creative Ways to use Instagram Reels for Your Small Business by Publer

When is the best time for a small business owner to post on Reels?

According to another blog article we have on site, these are the best times to post on IG Reels:

  • Wednesday, 11 AM is the best time to post Reels on Instagram.
  • Tuesdays are good for maximum follower engagement.
  • You can expect steady levels of community engagement from Monday through Friday, 10 AM and 3 PM.
  • Posting Reels on Sunday seems to be the worst time.

Read the full article here to learn which is the best time for a small business to post on Instagram Reels.

7 Creative Ways to use Instagram Reels for Your Small Business by Publer

Here’s a list of 7 Creative ways to use IG Reels for your small business:

  1. Repurpose old content

Repurposing is the process of transforming your content into another one by properly adjusting the text and visuals. Let’s say you’re proud of a blog article and want to share it on each social network you’re active.

On Twitter, you might want to create an interesting Gif that lets everyone know that you’ve written a new article. On Instagram, you can find a gorgeous illustration on Unsplash or create a brand new one by yourself on Canva and create some short and attractive content about the blog title.

In this case, you can create colorful Reels (up to 60 seconds).

  1. Create reels using your original audio

Did you know that many small business owners are using their own audio on Instagram Reels? That’s a strategic way to empower many others to use your audio. Also, your account can reach a large audience in a short time.

This is something that not many people talk about. But, it’s in fact one of the most important hacks to grow your account.

  1. Give useful tips related to your niche

It’s important to stick to your niche. As a social media management platform, our team at Publer always shares relevant news, updates, and tips regarding social media.

Sometimes, when you’re feeling fresh out of ideas, you can take the time to curate a nice short Reels to share with your audience and let everyone know of some interesting facts/tips/tricks regarding your brand’s niche.

  1. Share tutorials

If there’s something we love most is sharing relevant and useful tutorials. Our team is made of excellent developers, social media managers, and graphic designers with over 7 years of experience.

Being so, we love sharing diverse tips regarding different topics, but the same niche. And besides the amazing content, we have a lot of fun recording the videos and preparing the content.

  1. Go with the trends

Of course, there are shy people who get stage fright just by the idea. It’s fine. Been there, done that!

But, if there’s someone on the team that loves sharing photos and videos and preparing some content, then let them take over.

Following trends is important because you gain tons of visibility and reach a large audience.

  1. Social Media Holidays

It’s a trend on Publer now: We’re sharing monthly social media holiday calendars. They help create content for future posts and become part of trending hashtags.

We already know that trending hashtags/holidays help stay closer to the audience and reach a new one faster. It’s important to share relevant content, always.

Social media holidays are also an amazing content idea for any small business to create and promote Instagram Reels. They’re easy to share and therefore, everyone is aware of them all.

  1. Behind the scenes

Going behind the scenes with your team is a sign of confidence. Allowing your audience to get to know who stands behind a small business helps earn trust and if there’s something more important than that, simply drop a comment.

When others know your personality, you’re automatically more open and available to new opportunities and engagement. People love seeing who stands behind their favorite brand, so showing faces (literally, faces) is a healthy factor of the future.

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