A Better Creator Studio from Meta in 2022

Facebook new features on creator studio

Meta has launched new features for its right hand. Creator Studio tool will continue to help content creators share even more efficiently with the latest two elements. 

If you’re a social media manager, you know that Creator Studio is an essential tool to utilize and ease your workflow. 

Recent updates that have been highly required by users worldwide are now available. New Facebook Creator Studio includes story highlights and a timeline view for posts. 

Facebook new updates to creator studio

Clips on Stories

Meta’s new elements to Creator Studio will satisfy content creators worldwide. Previewing video uploads in stories and your posted content directly from Creator Studio is a lifesaving hack. Story preview options are now available on video uploads.

2022 starts with new additions to Facebook’s best tool. One of the most notable features is the preview option, allowing users to see their videos before posting on stories. The preview option will ease the process of controlling your posts and fix possible issues in real-time.

Still, there is a length limit on this critical feature. Users will preview in stories only a segment of 20 seconds from the full video. This is enough to evaluate if that’s a valuable video to post as a Facebook or Instagram Story.

The Process of Short Clips on Stories

It’s the most uncomplicated process you will ever do online. Upload a video and choose 20 seconds within the clip. You can preview it, but you can’t edit it. Once you determine those 20 seconds, you can post the short segment in your story with a “See More” option to direct viewers to your full-length video post. 

Wrapping up, Matt Navarra explains that the new addition will enable Meta’s users to share a video highlight clip to their stories.

Clips on Facebook Stories are the new feature on Creator Studio.

Timeline View on Creator Studio

The preview option makes the difference on all platforms. It allows users to view their posts before they get published. The Timeline View directly from the Creator Studio feed is a lifesaving addition to your published posts.

Managing your account from a single platform such as Creator Studio has never been more accessible with the new addition. You can now see how posts will look in real-time and use editing tools to take care of every detail before being visible on the feed. 

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