A Renewed and Refreshed Publer!


Are you ready for a renewed and refreshed platform?

Publer is reinventing and renewing its services and brand appearance after ten successful years of steady and consistent growth, with hundreds of thousands of users. 

How did it start?

Publer’s platform, which began as a small side project in 2012, now has thousands of paying users. Ervin Kalemi, Publer’s CEO, could not have imagined heading an expert team dedicated to a wonderful platform with an abundance of beneficial features when he launched a modest publishing tool over ten years ago. 

What began as a simple chore requiring only a few hours of effort quickly evolved into a solution for freelancers, social media managers, agencies, solopreneurship, and even businesses. Publer’s development was aided by a strong desire for perfection and an internal drive to improve.

Because of the endless market’s demands to be autonomous and find a solution to enhance work-life balance, the Publer we know today is the result of unrelenting work and dedication to the continuous platform development.

Why Publer?

What’s the deal with its name, Publer? The name, indeed, is self-explanatory, easy to remember, and properly conveys what this platform is capable of! It assists with all aspects of publishing. Publer decided to keep its identifying P letter as the customary emblem of its superhero in the new logo concept. The new logo is more dynamic and symmetrical, as well as renewed and refreshed.

Publer is a fast and strong platform designed to save all of its users from the enormous anxiety and tension that social media post management may create. Much like an agile superhero comes to save people from imminent danger. As a result, the color green was chosen for its attire since it is tranquil and relaxing.

The colors of optimism, dependability, and expansion had always been a part of Publer’s mascot attire. Publer’s Mascot suit gets fresh blue hues in the redesigned version, reflecting clarity, communication, and loyalty, three virtues that this platform wishes to promote.

The Voice of Experience

Publer’s CEO, E. Kalemi, said when questioned about his experience on this path: 

This very first experience taught me two things: 

  • In the corporate sector, Facebook, and social media in general, are extremely important.
  • There are countless freelancers, solopreneurs, business owners, marketing teams, and agencies who require social media assistance.

Our mission is to continue developing tools to assist you in achieving your objectives. 

Publer will be there for you whether you want to effectively grow your business online presence, whether you want to have more free time to spend with your friends and family, whether you want to efficiently serve more clients, or whether you want a more organized workflow when posting on social media.

Publer’s features have been overhauled and upgraded as a result of the new rebranding, including:

Calendar view

Gain a better understanding of your post distribution and make changes directly from the calendar.  


Assign roles, tasks, check and approve post creations and schedules


Sync and track your posts from the platform to improve your publishing. 

Curate Posts

Texts can be styled, images redesigned, and formatted for the social network. 

Media Integrations

Organize all of your visuals into a single helpful library with just one click. 

Link in Bio

It’s a fantastic approach to improve engagement and brand loyalty. 

Browser Extension

Easily share links, text posts, and compelling graphics with our plugin. 

Bulk Scheduling

With this useful function, you may save time and remain consistent with your posting. 


Return to your top-performing posts as your evergreen content as soon as possible. 

RSS Feeds

Maintain an up-to-date feed by automatically sharing the most recent news. 

Twitter Threads

Extend a point, offer context, or make a comment about a blog entry. 

This rebranding comes as a result of a strong drive to progress, a desire to provide the most truthful and well-crafted service for its clients, and of course brand growth and continuous change in architecture. 
Find our renewed and refreshed features at Publer.io

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