Add Shared Stories on Snapchat – New Update

Snapchat adds Shared Stories

Snapchat, known as the funniest and most private communication tool, opts for a better experience and extensive collaborative content for its users. Although privacy is its core value, Snapchat adds Shared Stories as a new update to the existing custom stories feature. 

Snapchat's new update is Shared Stories.

Top 3 Elements You Must Read about Snapchat Stories

Snapchat provides its users with a different form of communication where photos and videos are highly encouraged instead of texts. 

One of the most beneficial things about Snapchat is that it will enable users to share stories in private or customized ones. 

Stories can be shared with everyone on your Snapchat list or set to private so that only certain people can see them.

Snapchat Shared Stories are the new trend to keep in touch with your friends and family.

1: Private vs. Shared Stories

There’s a significant difference between different Snapchat’s stories. Both will last 24 hours. Let’s explain based on Snap’s announcement.

The private stories are locked and customized to the owner’s preferences. The lock icon signifies that only specific friends can see the owner’s Story. 

Private Story is different from My Story on Snapchat. On My Story, all your Snapchat friends can see your post. Only the names you click on to add to the list on Private Story will see your post. 

In comparison, Shared Stories are more of a personalized spot of chosen friends by the owner. Still, your selected friends can add their friends and the chain goes on. Nonetheless, their rights on the group are not the same. 

Owners can edit the name, add, remove, or ban/unban members, add or remove any Snaps, delete the entire section and appoint up to 5 moderators.

Moderators can add, remove, or ban/unban members and add or remove any Snaps. While the members of a Shared Story are the most limited ones. They can only add members and add or remove their Snaps.

Benefits and functionality of shared stories in Snapchat.

2: Shared Stories Functionality 

As explained above, Shared Stories are an update of custom stories where the owner chooses his group of friends to engage and share Snaps altogether collectively. 

Shared Stories on Snapchat won’t have any location limits as previously happened with custom stories. The only limit is assuring an invitation.

Snapchat keeps improving its functions by integrating the latest trends within the platform and enhancing users’ experiences. Collaborative content is a beneficial and must-have on every social media platform. 

The new feature’s primary mission as a new update is to facilitate the communication of specific groups with the same interests as family members, football teams, girls clubs, trip planning, etc. 

Moreover, Shared Stories are the only ones that notify users when a blocked user is joining. So, you can choose to continue or remove that user if you are the owner of the shared Story.

Snapchat platform has a new update. It's jumping from custom stories to shared stories.

3: Shared Stories Benefits

Snapchat’s Shared Stories feature is a great way to stay connected with friends and family. Here are three benefits:

1. You can see what your friends are up to. Shared Stories allow you to see the posts of friends and friends of friends as you’re all in the same group. 

2. You can share your own stories. Owners, moderators, and members are all controlling what they share and whom they share on Snapchat. 

3. You can connect with people who have similar interests. Creating or participating in Shared Stories means being within a small group of people with the same interests or relatable connections.

In a nutshell, Shared Stories are the latest addition to turning shared moments into shared memories, as Snapchat itself has recently confirmed. The only drawback is the lack of a chat component. This is how you can keep all conversations between friends.

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