4 Reasons Marketers Use AI for Facebook Ads

February 17, 2023
ai for facebook ads

Remember some years ago, the term “artificial intelligence” brought many debates that robots would one day rule the world. 

Well, even if we are still far from it, we must admit that AI has made huge progress and is getting increasingly essential, providing new options in companies’ marketing strategies.

But how are marketers using AI for Facebook ads? How are they leveraging the technology to create high-converting ads? 

We need to split the AI ​​for Facebook ads implementation into two aspects to answering this question. 

First, we have AI for Facebook Ads and machine learning tools that Facebook uses in its advertising platform. 

Second, there are external tools that companies use. Combined with AI, it removes the inefficiencies that empower marketers to create and manage Facebook ads more effectively. 

Let’s get started with AI for Facebook ads!

Facebook AI

We know Facebook serves ads tailored to the perfect audience, but how does this get done?

The Facebook ads are determined based on two main factors:

  • Audience targeting
  • Ad auction

First, advertisers select audiences using self-service tools. Audiences are created based on categories such as age and gender and user actions in your app. For example: when you like a Facebook page or click on an ad. 

Marketers can also use information about their audience, such as lists of emails or people who have visited their website, to create Custom Lookalike Audiences.

After choosing your audience, the system tracks ads that include that person in the advertiser’s chosen audience. Then, these ads will move to the auction stage. 

Facebook selects the best ad to show to users based on the ad with the highest overall value, which is a combination of advertiser value and ad quality.

External AI 

Companies can also use external tools to maximize the effectiveness of their marketing campaign, as external AI tools can suggest optimized content.

Ad Creation 

Advertising creation has long been a complex task, combining a talented team with extensive market knowledge, solid brand recognition within your target audience, and a suitable budget to fund it all. 

There are now opportunities to outsource much of this task to AI tools. Initially, artificial intelligence was implemented in early email marketing campaigns to track and increase conversion and open rates. 

Open rates immediately skyrocketed thanks to the subject lines generated by this technology. The marketers were excited about AI’s potential.

You can now use several AI tools that will help you create advertising copy. The goal is not only to create ad copy but also to select the content that actually leads to conversions

For ad creation, Publer will soon launch an AI-based feature to facilitate your advertising messages on social networks. This new feature will allow you to:

  • Generate relevant content for your posts, ads, and comments.
  • Generate images automatically to illustrate your posts.
  • You will also find effective hashtags for your campaigns, thanks to AI.
  • The text generator is available in several languages, which will allow you to increase the reach of your message.

Publer allows users to make use of the power of AI to complete text, write entirely new text, create stunning images, and even reply to comments. Then you can schedule them for the optimal time.

Campaign Management

Creating an ad and manually checking analytics seems like a waste of time. AI is also advancing this area of ​social media advertising. Using a third-party AI solution provider linked to your ad account can provide services such as automated targeting, bidding, and even A/B testing optimization. Suddenly, your ads will always reach the right people at the right price. 

Some third-party AI providers use machine learning and artificial intelligence models to update their audience targeting in real time.

AI tools are now taking that pressure off our shoulders. As AI senses changes in the market, it reacts and adjusts to maintain a constant conversion rate.

Additionally, AI manages budgets on a broader level. Assuming one ad is performing very well and the other is not, the technology adjusts the budget sent to each ad. In minutes, more budget will be spent on high-performing ads, making better use of your marketing budget than ever before. 

Why Marketers Use Ai For Facebook Ads

As we have seen, artificial intelligence offers more and more possibilities for marketers to achieve their business goals.

  • Insights

By analyzing advertising data better to understand factors such as creative performance and consumer behavior, AI tools can quickly assess the potential success of advertising and ultimately help you find the next big innovative idea.

  • Generation 

AI can take existing inputs and generate new combinations or repetitions of the same motif. AI provides inspiration and builds blocks for new creative ideas, streamline the creative process, and provide powerful new tools for advertising creation.

  • Auto-enhancement

Sometimes the challenge is less to generate creative ideas and more to bring them to life and make them more accessible. This is where AI-driven extensions come in. Auto-enhancement can adjust, localize, or refine creative ideas to make them stronger and more personal.

This is especially valuable for companies with limited production resources because they can spend more time on creative experiments and ideas and let AI do the monotonous production work. 

  • Brand Message

Connecting your creative ideas to the right audience is incredibly important but can be challenging. Creative AI provides a unique perspective that reveals details, helping you find the right message for the right audience. 

Key Takeaways 

Now, you know the importance of AI for Facebook ads in marketing strategies. Here is a quick recap of what we discussed today.

  • Facebook uses artificial intelligence to guide marketers in their ad campaigns.
  • Publer will soon have AI to automate content creation.
  • Third-party apps using AI are also available for ad creation and campaign management.
  • AI allows you to create more effective advertising messages, improve your brand image, and track campaign performance.

Now it’s your turn! Do you also use AI for Facebook ads in your marketing efforts? Tell us in the comments!

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