Unlock the Mind-Blowing Potential of AI in Social Media: What the Future Holds

January 25, 2023

AI in social media is a relatively new concept already showing great potential for marketing, content creation, and other aspects of the industry. With a wide range of applications, the potential for AI in social media is quite limitless.

This article will explore the benefits and challenges of using AI on social media, how Social Media managers can use AI to improve content creation and optimization: and some future applications of AI in the industry. (And yes, we’ll talk about the future of AI within Publer.)

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Introduction: What is AI on Social Media?

In a few words, AI or Artificial Intelligence is an advanced technology capable of understanding and responding to user input, learning from past experiences, and generating unique content based on user requests.

AI in social media aims to use this technology to improve content creation and audience engagement. It can be used to automate the process of creating posts, analyzing user data, and providing suggestions and recommendations to users.

AI for Content Creation

One of the most exciting applications of AI in social media is content creation.

Throughout 2022 we saw a spike in new tools and usages of content creation AI. From simple text and blog articles to images created from scratch – and recently, modified audio & video.

Canva Text to Image new ai for social media
Canva’s New Text to Image AI

But that’s not even the tip of the iceberg. We can use AI to optimize content for maximum reach and engagement by analyzing user data and providing personalized content recommendations based on user’s interests and preferences.

However, that’s a use-case left to the future. While yes, the AI industry is growing abruptly; the practical uses of AI remain limited only to content creation based on user input and search engine information.

Automated Social Media Post Generator

Using popular tools such as ChatGPT, Jasper, or Dall-E, it is now easier than ever to generate social media posts in seconds.

Multiple online content creation platforms have started implementing the new technology to unlock faster and easier creation. But for a social media manager, it is currently time-consuming and challenging to juggle between tabs and platforms to create engaging SM posts.

That is why Publer is currently working on new AI Content creation capabilities that will enable users to come up with ideas, create content tailored to specific social channels & schedule directly from the same tab – on the same platform.

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Challenges of AI in Social Media

Social media managers have been slowly embracing AI-powered technology, enabling faster and more efficient content creation and management. However, several challenges must be addressed to ensure that AI technology is used responsibly and appropriately.

One of the main challenges of AI in social media is the lack of regulation. While many companies have developed algorithms and models to identify and filter potentially harmful or offensive content, no central regulatory body oversees or enforces these standards. This has led to cases of AI-powered technology being used to spread misinformation or target specific communities with malicious intent.

Another challenge is the ethical implications of using AI-powered technology on social media platforms. AI-driven algorithms are currently operating in a gray area regarding copyrights of the content created. Since the technology learns from & mimics millions of digital art to create, the copyright laws are hard to adjust. Depending on your state, AI art may or may not be protected legally – as some countries do not recognize the artwork as a result of human creativity.

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The Future of AI in Social Media

AI-powered technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with social media. Still, it needs to be used responsibly and ethically. In the future, AI algorithms should be designed to take into account the nuances of human behavior and be able to distinguish between benign and malicious content created.

AI-powered content management systems should be able to detect and flag potentially harmful content quickly and accurately. Additionally, AI-driven algorithms should be designed to ensure that users are not retrieving content within a “filter bubble” and that the content they create is diverse and balanced.

AI Content Creation within Publer

As we mentioned before, our development team is currently working on a new way for you to create content or get inspired by AI. These new updates will speed up your social media management efforts and help you create more engaging content for your socials.

We will soon reveal the new feature, so keep an eye out for further updates on our blog, social media, and email.

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New AI Updates coming soon on Publer


AI-driven social media strategies are becoming increasingly popular as they can help businesses:

  • select the right content to post, 
  • reach larger audiences,
  • generate more engagement,
  • automate content creation processes,
  • create content tailored to individual users,
  • and create automated messages & responses to customer comments. 

But do keep in mind that while all this potential is exciting, it still needs time to settle into your daily workflow. Publer will keep working to bring the newest (AI) trends into your dashboard so that you can be the first to adopt such technologies.

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