AMBER Alert Feature – New On Instagram

Instagram Adds Amber Alert Feature

What’s the first thing you saw on 1st June on your Instagram Feed? If you’re an Instagram user, you may have recently noticed a new feature popping up in your feed. AMBER Alert feature is the latest Instagram development in 25 countries, as the platform itself confirms.

So, if you’re part of the 25 countries where the new Instagram feature is available, you’ve probably seen happy kids celebrating and missing children photos close to your area. 

These alerts are part of a new initiative by Instagram to help raise awareness of missing children and get people involved in helping to find them. 

Emily Vacher, Director of Trust and Safety for Meta, announced in the blog post for Instagram that this new feature is a collaboration with influential organizations worldwide to protect children.

The new update from Instagram is the Amber Alert Feature integrated in the platform.

What’s an AMBER Alert?

An AMBER Alert system is a warning method that helps raise awareness of missing children. The law enforcement announces an AMBER Alert in case an abducted kid or child is in imminent danger. Obviously, the purpose is to get the word out quickly so that the public can be on the lookout for the missing child. Anyone can help the law department find lost kids and get them into their houses.

Instagram is now integrating a new feature about AMBER Alerts to help spread the word about missing children. The platform can surely boost searches due to its existing features and great algorithm. 

How will AMBER Alert Feature Work On Instagram?

When an AMBER Alert is in a user’s area, they will see a message with information about the missing child at the top of their feed. Surely, these detailed alerts are visible to users around a specific search area, possibly the location of the abduction. 

Instagram will use the city, IP address, or location services. So, if you see one, it means Instagram’s algorithm is notifying a missing child nearby. 

This is an excellent way for Instagram to use its platform to help make a difference in the world. Undoubtedly, helping to raise awareness of missing children may lead to more of them being found safe and sound.

Instagram launches the Amber Alert Feature. This is a sample of how an Amber Alert looks on Instagram.
Courtesy of Instagram Blog Post

What can you do when you see an AMBER Alert on Screen?

First, do not skip!

Instagram is helping to raise awareness of missing children with the addition of new AMBER Alerts. These alerts will appear in users’ feeds if they are in the vicinity of a missing child and will provide information on the kid and how to contact authorities. If you want to positively impact a family’s life, do not skip the pop-up on your screen.

Second, try to memorize the photo!

This is an excellent way for Instagram to use its platform to help make a difference in the lives of missing children and their families. So, the platform is already making it easy to reach out to you. 

Even if you haven’t seen the missing child, try to memorize the photos of missing children and data. If you see it later, contact the authorities and provide information. 

If you don’t think you know the child or their family, you could still have important information that could help lead to their safe return.

Third, do not be afraid of the AMBER Alert Feature!

Alerts tend to be fearful to some people. Many of us might think of not getting involved. The first thing that crosses our mind is the bad scenario of getting into trouble if you’re the one calling the authorities. 

If you report seeing a missing child, you are a hero, not a troublemaker! 

Although you might see it on Instagram, being anonymous is always up to you.

Help kids in getting found safe by responding to Amber Alerts.

Why is this feature on Instagram?

Since AMBER Alerts on Facebook successfully engaged users to report to authorities and locate missing children, Instagram believes it has the right influence to help in the same way. 

Children are the responsibility of all of us. With over one billion active users, the chances are that someone using Instagram will be close to a missing child and could help find him more quickly.

Final Thoughts

It’s great to see Instagram taking proactive steps to help raise awareness for missing children. The new AMBER Alerts feature is a valuable tool that can help spread the word quickly and efficiently. Hopefully, this will lead to more children being found safe and returned to their families.

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