Another Design for Instagram Stories

As we all know, Instagram Stories are a very important part of showcasing the latest products, updates, and reviews. The 6-second videos are becoming more and more powerful as they provide a fast interaction and therefore, they bring a huge engagement.

According to, the number of Instagram Stories has reached 500 million users. They all love engaging with Stories as they get real-time information. All brands should also be using Instagram Stories because of all the benefits. As we have mentioned in other articles about Instagram Stories, the average human attention span is 8 seconds.

Photo by Kate Torline on Unsplash

Instagram is currently testing its new Stories display so nobody can ever miss another one again. Scrolling through Stories is a little bit tiring, yet people interact with them a lot. The first person to have declared the new look of Instagram Stories is Jane Manchun Wong on the 4th of April 2020 in her Twitter post.

Courtesy of Jane Manchun Wong on Twitter

Wong also tweeted about the new and easy way to switch between accounts, while viewing Stories. Might seem very interesting and effective to reach more people faster, right?

According to, Stories are about to surpass the feed sharing. Stories are considered a smart way to advertise different products and people can easily navigate through them. There are also other options that allow users to share Stories between close friends. People love personalized features! Being more preferred, Stories contain more information, and brands are focusing more on creating different ads with those.

What would the first reaction of people be when they saw their entire Instagram feed filled with Story bubbles? The thing that seems more interesting is the fact that a large number of people actually using Stories might have a good first impression. Brands that are currently on Instagram, use Stories to address people to their feed. So, what’s the point of using both the feed posts and Stories anyways?

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