Audio Rooms Are On LinkedIn NOW!

Live Audio Rooms on LinkedIn

Why have Live Audio Rooms become so important?

Businesses had to find new alternatives to keep up with their activities during the challenging period of the pandemic time. So, there’s no surprise in noticing the success of the global virtual events. 

According to Grand View’s research, the global virtual events market size will expand significantly. It’s foreseen to grow at a compound annual rate of 21.4% from 2022 to 2030.

LinkedIn is the most well-known platform for doing business and building a professional network. Thus, it could not allow itself to continue without such a vital feature, known as the audio rooms. 

LinkedIn enables a new feature, the access to live audio rooms.

Create a Live Audio Rooms – Top 5 Elements

1: The virtual events in audio-only format are available between 15 minutes and 3 hours long.

2: Audio Rooms are expected to provide the digital experience of real-world conferences.

3: It’s the easiest method to impact globally and share your field of interest with experts. 

4:The main intention of LinkedIn Audio Rooms is to facilitate hosting virtual activities. It includes the connecting, learning, and inspiring process of every user’s professional community.

5: Some users can host live Q&A events. Others might listen to favorite leaders in the related industry and network with other specialists.

Linkedin's new feature is enabling users to host and participate in live audio events.

It’s vital to remember that LinkedIn Audio Rooms may not appear instantly in your feed options. Currently, it’s available to specific creators. Soon we can expect the hosting abilities to be open to the general public.

Still, every LinkedIn user can join and participate in global hosted audio events. It enables viewing participant profiles, adding new connections, and so many more practical benefits than Clubhouse features.

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