Audio Tweets Feature might be coming soon

Top social networks keeps on surprising us with their new restriction policies, feed algorithm and updates regarding their tools.

According to, Twitter is now testing a new feature named Audio Tweet. This new feature provides the possibility to post audio files to your Twitter account and attach to a new status update.

This feature has been previously discussed in 2018, but it didn’t get integrated nor Twitter has given more information about that. Might be because people weren’t supporting it?

Twitter’s post from 2018

In general, social networks tend to keep track of what users ask for and gather feedback. Maybe, people are more interested in this new feature now.

Let’s list Top reasons why Audio Tweets might be the new favorite thing on the internet:

  • First, according to, Audio Tweets aim to reduce language barriers, for all users who may be able to understand another language but can’t read it.
  • It might be a new trend to share quotes and attach audio so that people can enjoy reading.
  • It’s another way to connect with other users and showcase your brands’ products.

People tend to find it interesting and are very excited to try them. Here’s a post of Owen Williams on Twitter who declares that is fascinated by this new feature:

Post by Owen Williams on Twitter

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