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Auto-Share Social Media Posts

April 28, 2020

Suppose you manage several Pages on many Social Networks. Have you ever posted something on a Page and then manually shared that post to the other Pages you manage in order to increase the post’s organic reach? Thanks to Publer, you can now do that, but automatically.

Introducing Publer’s new Superpower: AutoSharing!

When posting or scheduling a status update, link, photo, photo album, video or offer to one of your Social Accounts, you will now have the option to automatically share that post. AutoSharing will work regardless if you’re posting right away or if you’re scheduling at a specific time in the future. We will cover both cases separately since there are a few differences.

AutoSharing when posting right away


While you are curating your post for a social network, you will see the β€˜Auto Share’ icon among the other icons on the dashboard. Simply select where you want to post to and even write something about it (it is only required if you are auto-sharing to Google My Business or Pinterest). See it in action below:

AutoSharing when scheduling


Once you have scheduled a post (for any social account) you can auto-share those posts to any of the other social accounts in a very easy way. All you have to do is go to the Calendar and select the post you want to auto-share:

Publer also gives you the option to individualize your shares, meaning that you can share your post to different accounts at different times and/or with a different description. 

There are no conflicts between the original posts and Auto-Shares. You also won’t be able to post or duplicate an AutoShare when the original post hasn’t been published yet. Deleting a scheduled post will also delete its Auto-Shares if any.

Some Info

  • You can auto-share all posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google My Business. 

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