Did you know you can manage published posts?

Auto-Sync and Manage Published Posts

Fact: You don’t have to leave our site to enjoy your social media presence. Every user can auto-sync and manage published posts within Publer’s dashboard.

We know that typos aren’t anybody’s best friend. Also, responding to comments across platforms requires a lot of time and flexibility.

Here’s why we came up with a solution to help you manage by editing, adding, replying to comments or deleting shared posts within Publer.

Let’s transform your online experience:

Auto-Sync and Manage Published Posts with Publer

How to Edit Published Posts?

We’re humans and being so, we all make mistakes. In this case, we’re talking about typo/text-wise mistakes. The worst social media manager nightmare is to share a post that contains typos or the wrong information/emoji. Been there, done that.

Learn in this step-by-step guide on how to manage published posts from within Publer.

Sometimes, a social media manager doesn’t have access to social profiles directly. Meaning they don’t have the credentials, and therefore, they can’t edit a post. This follows up various emails and stressful hours. We’re literally avoiding this by allowing everyone to edit and manage published posts on respective social media platforms they’re assigned for on Publer.

PS: This superpower isn’t supported for Twitter accounts (which doesn’t allow such a thing even on their site), Instagram (because of their API restrictions), and Facebook Groups.

How to Manage Published Posts?

We use Publer as a social media scheduling tool, of course, but sometimes, there’s something that we feel like sharing immediately. So, we create the post and share it manually from the Desktop or mobile.

Publer will sync all past posts that are from no longer than a month ago. Then, Publer will automatically sync all future posts. Post synchronization is a superpower when it comes to the Link in Bio. All of your Instagram posts will appear on Publer, which will make the URL linking much easier and faster!

Take this tweet as an example: We shared on Publer’s Twitter profile a post that was meant to understand more about how users were reacting to our latest update, the Link in Bio. There was no need for us to schedule the tweet in advance, as we had just received some amazing feedback related to it via email.

Or this one, when we realized that our Twitter account had achieved a milestone of 11K followers.

Now every post that belongs to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business, YouTube, and Twitter will be shown on the calendar too.

Sync and view: Manage published posts on the calendar

Every post that you’ll sync will be reusable! You can reshare/schedule and recycle each one of them.

PS: Publer won’t be able to sync Pinterest Pins, since we don’t have API access. Also, it won’t work for LinkedIn Profile posts. PDF files, articles (on LinkedIn), polls, etc. aren’t supported by Publer yet, therefore, we can’t migrate those types of posts.

Learn more about how to manage published posts that are supported by Publer.

Delete the posts without leaving Publer

Whether it’s an expired promotion/collaboration, a new update, an old post that doesn’t make you or your brand satisfied anymore, you’re targeting a whole new audience, etc., you can now delete any post within Publer.

All you need to do is simply find on the calendar the post you want to delete and click the bin icon. That’s it!

Delete the posts without having to leave the platform.

Collect analytics for more posts 

Once you’ve synced all posts you’ve shared manually or using other social media management tools, you can track and analyze their insights.

As your visual calendar populates with posts that you’ve shared through Publer and the ones you’ve synced, we’ll make sure to collect the analytics, so you can easily create a better idea of how your posts behaved online. Who needs tons of different tools, when you can have everything organized?

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How to edit published posts from within Publer

How to manage published posts from within Publer

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