Better opportunities with the new LinkedIn update

Remember when you applied in different jobs on LinkedIn and attached your portfolio to your message? Well, that can finally stop now. 

According to, LinkedIn is updating the whole platform, after receiving a lot of requests from its users to show better what they are good at.

Being a professional social media platform, LinkedIn users were looking forward to having a very transparent profile for recruiters to easily review their options. As much as everyone compares it to other social media platforms, it still is the well-tailored online resume that one should absolutely have. It is the place, where you showcase all of your experiences and interact with different professionals worldwide. 

In order for a user to exchange their background faster and easier, LinkedIn is now testing the ‘Featured’ option just below the headline, so when professionals visit someone’s profile, the first things they see are the skills and past works. Not only the recruiters are happy to have the ‘Featured’ options, but so are the freelancers and other professionals. Everything is changing for a great cause: time-saving! And people are very happy about this. This new option will also give users the possibility to reorder their skills and projects regarding what they want others to see, when visiting their profile. 

The reason why LinkedIn is a ‘Must’ for everyone is the fact that there are many opportunities, which are very easy to take advantage of. There are millions of freelancers who are whether happy with a couple of clients, or willing to expand their connection list to get more job done and earn more money. By highlighting the skills a freelancer is best at, it would be easier for them to be found and by adding all their past works in the front page, it would give them more chances to save time. Portfolios are the best way to showcase the projects a person has worked on and it deeply changes for better the online presence. 

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