Blogging in 2022: Will it still be worth investing?

Will blogging still be worth it in 2022? We have prepared a list of top benefits bloggers can display to every reader.

Something we know for sure: blogging isn’t the same thing as it was in 2014.

Let’s explain this!

Blogging became trending around 8 years ago and we know that because we were always supporting local ones. We enjoyed getting the full recipe of our favorite dish, learning something new about our favorite niche, solving a problem we’ve been dealing with for hours – and actually, that is still what we do!

Will blogging still be worth it in 2022? We have prepared a list of top benefits bloggers can display to every reader.

We google everything that pops up in our minds so we can find a quick answer.

What’s funny is that people’s attention span is becoming shorter and shorter. If we don’t read the solution we were looking for right in the first sentence, then we will turn back to Google again and maybe find something quicker.

What’s not funny for full-time bloggers is that we’re seeing tons of other solutions that avoid reading a whole article and instead, find the answer in a second. Here’s what we mean:

Recipe Filter is a Chrome plugin which if installed, helps scrape only the recipe part of a long and boring blog. 

‘When I was 6 years old, my grandmother taught me to make cookies. Then, she told me I was the only one holding such a special treasure: that cookie recipe…’

Nobody has time for stories! I’m hungry and I want to make some cookies, now!

Recipe Filter has over 50K users and all 176 reviews contain 5 stars!

Did you know this? No. Did you learn something from this? Yes.

That’s the whole idea!

However, bloggers tend to make everything fun because they know people can quickly close the tab if you don’t make them curious.

We have prepared a list of top benefits bloggers can display to every reader:

  • Solve a problem

You’re specialized in your favorite niche and have studied so hard. You’re a true professional and have decided to help someone, regardless of their location.

People still don’t know how to successfully organize a giveaway: which hashtags need to be used; which is the best and trustworthy software to deal with; what happens if it fails to display the winners; etc.

This means that having the proper experience could lead to receiving clicks and engagement (shares, comments, likes, etc.). This is how you can build a name for yourself!

Will blogging still be worth it in 2022? We have prepared a list of top benefits bloggers can display to every reader.
Photo by Fikret tozak on Unsplash

  • Helps researchers

Besides students, there are tons of marketers who are dedicated to designing infographics. Stats and reports have to be made by someone, right? This is why there are tons of websites that take care of such things. Check out

  • Affiliate links

Once you have a reputation on social media, you can make the most out of time and effort. Signing up for different affiliate programs only boosts your possibilities to earn more. People trust you – therefore they will trust the products you’ll suggest.

Tip: You should only recommend and work for brands that you truly care about.

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  • Tons of social media content ideas

According to, blog articles should be 1500-2000 words.

In our opinion, that’s correct, because the longer the article, the more comments readers will add, more opportunities to rank higher on Google, and also, more content ideas for social media!

One piece of article can become repurposed into multiple social media post types: infographics, PDFs, videos, TikToks, Stories, etc.

  • Just passion?

You love writing about your day, motivational mindsets, or something related to art. Passion doesn’t have to turn into a profession unless you want to!

There are thousands of people who love to put their thoughts into writing and having it as a simple online portfolio in case they decide to show it to someone (a friend or future employer).

  • Build a brand: earn a reputation

If you have or want to build a brand then you need to build or maintain a reputation online. Showcase what you’ve been working on and your thoughts on different topics related to your niche.

Blogging sounds like something you need to do if you want to become trustworthy.

  • Showcase your work/services

Having a brand comes with a dedicated team of people who are specialized in a specific thing. You’re a startup, designing agency, or business center. Either way, you are offering a specific service to the audience. In order to display everything you do and let others know they can rely on you, then you need a blog.

Write in details everything you offer, writing SEO-friendly content to attract more potential customers.

  • Teach something

You’re good at something and have decided to teach everything about that.

Digital Marketing 101 sounds like a catchy blogging idea for you? Then, turn your focus on that, write daily or weekly articles which are all related to each other and turn visitors into followers and students!

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