3 Effective Methods To Boost Your Reach On LinkedIn

June 27, 2022
Top 3 effective ways to Boost your reach on LinkedIn

How to Increase Organic Reach on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become the go-to platform for businesses and professionals. The problem is that many people find it very hard to connect with their desired audience and boost their reach on LinkedIn. Regarding B2B marketing, LinkedIn is the number 1 social media platform.

We know how it goes, you might get a few comments, one or two shares, and a few reactions, but it never goes up from there. So, how do you boost your reach on Linkedin? How does Linkedin work?

In this article, you will learn about a few methods that you can use to boost your reach on your LinkedIn posts.

How to Boost Your Reach On LinkedIn with these three effective methods

How does the algorithm work to boost your reach on LinkedIn?

The answer to this question is that nobody really knows. According to LinkedIn, the stream of posts you see on your Home page is “people talking about the things that you care about.” The posts prioritized by the Linkedin algorithm are those that your connections post based on your interests.

LinkedIn focuses on promoting engagement between people and connections, people want to see posts that are interesting to them by people they follow, so this makes sense. 

Consistency is an important factor to consider in your efforts to boost your reach on LinkedIn. Like other platforms, the LinkedIn algorithm rewards those who regularly post and engage with others. We recommend scheduling LinkedIn posts, so you don’t have to deal with the daily hassle of getting your content out manually.

How to Boost Your Reach on LinkedIn

Now that you understand a little more about how the LinkedIn algorithm works, you might still wonder how you ensure that a bigger audience sees your posts. How can you quickly and efficiently boost your reach on LinkedIn? Let’s look at a few methods you can use to boost your posts on Linkedin.

1. Make Sure Your LinkedIn Profile Reflects Who You Are

The first method to boost your reach on LinkedIn is very straightforward. You must ensure your LinkedIn profile or company page reflects who you are.

How can you make sure your profile is completed correctly? Well, firstly, the fact is that people will see your LinkedIn headline and image when you share a post, comment on someone else’s post, or send an invitation to connect. So, your LinkedIn headline and image are the most important factors of your profile.

Secondly, tell your story, and be genuine. When someone looks at your profile, they want to see the person behind the brand or profile. 

You can research your competitors to see how their profiles and company profiles are created to ensure your LinkedIn page is up to standard. When you use keywords related to your field and list your services, experiences, and contact details, your profile will be noticed, and you will boost your reach on LinkedIn because it is complete and demonstrates professionalism.

linkedin profile optimization
LinkedIn Profile Example: Chris Tweten, CMO at Spacebar Collective

2. Create Posts that Resonate with Your Target Audience

You want your posts seen by the right audience, and the first thing you can do is to make sure you do your research and plan your LinkedIn content in advance. Having a content calendar for LinkedIn will help you stay consistent and improve your posts when you see something is not working.

That said, you need to post the right content at the right time. Trial and error is the only way to be sure you are posting at the right time. This is why a content plan is so important. If you realize a post works, keep doing it!

When creating and planning your content, keep in mind that LinkedIn offers various content-type possibilities that you should use to see what works for your audience and boost your reach on LinkedIn. This includes text-only posts, single-image posts, native video posts, LinkedIn articles, document posts, carousel posts, celebrations, live videos, polls, events, and “Offer Help” Posts. 

Another thing to keep in mind while creating content is to ensure your posts are positive. This has an impressive impact on boosting your reach on LinkedIn. If you’re struggling to come up with content to post, you can share something positive. This will show your audience and connections that you have empathy for what your audience is going through. 

The biggest thing with content creation besides using content types that work is to include hashtags, not more than the max recommended 3, at the end of your post to broaden your reach further. 

3. Encourage Your LinkedIn Network to Engage With Your Posts

After you have your content plan in place and you are on track to post constantly, you need to make sure that you do everything to grow your audience and boost your engagement. Keep in mind that LinkedIn is a connection platform where you want to network with other professionals, so make sure you share interesting posts of other professionals in your field. 

Share your opinion on their posts by commenting on them. This way, more people will see your name, and they might visit your company page or profile, which will lead to a bigger reach. 

You can also try to share a few interesting news articles or blogs from websites on topics related to your niche and career. This will surely help to boost your reach on LinkedIn. Add a few hashtags to the post with your thoughts, and add some of your connections, asking for their opinion on the article and topic. 

Encourage Your LinkedIn Network to Engage With Your Posts so you can boost your reach on LinkedIn

Final Thoughts

The bottom line with all of these methods is to connect with more people as your company page or profile in your niche so that your profile can be noticed. Just like any other social platform, when you are consistent, have a strategy, and stick to it, you will see results and boost your reach on LinkedIn in a month or two.  

It can be hard to understand and get a grip on how to boost your reach on LinkedIn in the beginning, believe me, as a digital marketer, I know! But once you understand its strategies, and algorithm, and see what works for you, it will become a breeze.

If you are still unsure after a month and do not see results on your company page, you can try some of these strategies mentioned in this step-by-step guide to LinkedIn for businesses.

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