17 Common Mistakes Digital Marketers Should Avoid

Digital marketers already have a lot on their plate. They have to plan digital marketing campaigns and take care of website SEO/SEM. Also, they should maintain multiple social media platforms/advertisements, etc.

That being said, they need to properly take care of each of these.

There many things a digital marketer should keep in mind.

Here’s a list of 17 common mistakes a digital marketer should avoid – ASAP:

Not targeting the right audience

What’s a right or wrong audience? The power of the internet today has made everyone have enough information regarding what they need to do. All it takes is a simple research on Google and you’re automatically one step closer to finding the right solution.

To target the right audience means to find a group of potential customers that are already interested in investing in your product. Keep in mind: Not everyone is your target audience.

To find the right audience you need to consider the people that are already using your product: age, location, language, interests, etc. Once you have a better understanding of who is more interested in investing in your product, it will be easier for you to target a new audience.

Not having goals

Every role has its own difficulties and therefore, a ToDo list is more than welcome. Different digital marketers have different goals regarding a specific target.

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Bad investment

Most times marketing depends on a budget. Spending accordingly is the number one priority of a digital marketer.

To spend on sponsored Google or social media ads is somehow a very important thing to do to speed up the awareness boost, reach people faster, get leads, and attract website visitors.

But, a budget shouldn’t be spent on sponsored ads only. All social platforms require high-quality content and visuals. Investing on a good Content Manager (full-time or part-time VA) is always a good idea.

Also, we on Publer are currently using Canva PRO as one of the most important tools in our daily routine. Tons of amazing illustrations which are watermark-free, customizable templates, 75 million + photos, videos, and elements, etc.

Also, Grammarly Business is another essential tool we’re using every day. It helps us automatically detect grammar mistakes and get real-time professional suggestions.

A good investment means smart saving.

Treating customers differently or not personalizing their communication

Ignoring emails and mentions

What’s the good in avoiding your customers, when your small business is all about growing and gaining positive customer feedbacks?

When customers reach you out via emails – that means they’re interested in knowing more about how a specific feature/tool is used, maybe it’s all about a whole new collaboration, or it’s a negative experience related to your brand.

It’s always healthy to know whether your brand’s customer support is doing its best or you’ve targeted a wrong audience. Like, literally healthy.

Not being updated

No offers/promotions – ever

Not owning a blog

Owning a blog benefits a brand more than you think. By writing new articles often, you attract an audience, boost engagement, organize information, and learn a lot from doing researches, make a new announcement stand out, and boost trust.

A blog helps inspire people and proves their value. Also, generating incomes is part of the blogging process, in case you’re thinking of displaying numerous products and allowing others to buy from there.

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Not being visual

Sharing images, videos, and Gifs is a smart strategy to make an impression.

Visuals are the number one priority of great website content. They make the communication more flexible, credible, and impactful. People love fast and efficient solutions – think that their attention span is only 8 seconds.

Slow blog

Having a blog is important for a brand. But owning a blog that has a fast interface is totally another thing. A blog shouldn’t take longer than 3 seconds to open, whether you’re using it on Desktop or mobile.

We on Publer take care of the speed of the blog . That’s because customers love reading news, tips, and updates from recently launched features – but we’re sure they wouldn’t want an article to load slowly.

We’re currently creating and using a lot of Gifs on articles (mostly on the ones that are new feature announcement-related). It’s nice to let everyone how they can use a specific new tool on the dashboard and how they can make the most out of it.

But, Gifs are large files and being so, they trigger the slowness of the blog.

Our solution to this case is ezGif. It is an online Gif maker/editor which also helps convert different types of files. Optimizing Gifs has never been easier and that’s why all our articles load fast.


Avoiding SEO rules

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Avoiding UGC

User-Generated Content is a fast and effective way to boost trust. It helps increase the engagement of your actual and also new potential customers. It is unpaid content that can easily get shared – regardless of the social network or platform you’re receiving it.

Here‘s a list of advantages when using UGC.

Not using CTA

Avoiding teamwork

If you think there’s nothing you can’t achieve alone – think again. Whether it’s about research or some updated information, you need to stay in touch with multiple people, in order to finish decent work.

Digital marketers are all about communicating with customers, getting real-time feedback, searching for relevant keywords, replying to multiple emails. And that’s what holds a team together.

Digital marketers must keep in touch with graphic designers as well. Suggesting interesting features and focusing on branding is an important part of a digital marketer’s job.

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Not tracking promotions

Not focusing on keywords

Keywords are an important part of a successful online presence. There are multiple ways you could search for relevant keywords that help target the right audience and make your work easily reachable.

We’re currently focusing on keywords – more than ever. No specific reason. Although, it is very important to do so every day.

Keywords Everywhere – It is a Chrome and Firefox Extension that helps search volume and competition monthly data all over the web.

What we love most about the Keywords Everywhere extension is that it shows data in real-time. Also, it lets you know about active Google Ads that are currently running – for specific keywords.

Another way to find relevant keywords is on Google Ads. Simply go to Tools and Settings and click Keywords Planner.

You can discover new keywords or get search volume and forecasts regarding specific keywords.

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