Content Ideas for Social Media & Blog Articles in 2020

It happens very often to feel completely lost and not inspired for new content on social media or blog articles. Most people have been affected by the remote work and aren’t even dedicating some time to reading new books or taking over their hobbies.

Here’s a list of fast, yet essential tips for new content ideas:

Share your brand’s future business goals. 

Each business has its marketing team, which takes care of the future online and offline campaigns. These goals consist mostly of finding the best promotional channels, market research and building investment plans. 

While taking care of the business resolutions, it is very important to share and receive opinions regarding what your customers think about specific plans. This way it is very easy to understand whether your brand’s goals will be welcomed or not at all a help. 

A roadmap is a simple illustration, which visualizes your strategies and their deadlines and it is highly recommended to receive continuous feedback. 

Publer’s roadmap 2020

Ask questions to engage the audience.

Give a reason for the audience to listen to you. The best way to do so is to ask questions and give opinions. The most attractive questions are the FAQs because those contain very important information. 

Think of questions as the only way to get to know your audience’s preferences and get a better understanding of all the issues that might be present. 

Share Tips & Tricks 

Regardless of the niche your brand has, there is always a time and a place to talk about tips and tricks. These might consist of services, tools and effective teamwork ways. 

Giving away possible advantages and disadvantages will provide a boost to the interaction of each person who is interested in it. 

People are looking forward to receiving simple and fast solutions by reading short and precise articles about their desired topic. By writing the main keys to being effective in a specific field, you have got yourself a very visible spot on Google searches!

Thank your followers!

Every person has its way of expressing feelings and gratefulness. Besides the power of saying ‘Thank you’ to your audience, you are not supposed to have a speech or write an entire article about that. That would be huge and too fake.. 

Keep it real. Keep it short. Be straight-forward and empower your brand by explaining how amazing everyone’s contribution is. Let it be over an Instagram Story or a simple Facebook status update. 

Another suggestion might be giving away Free Trials or Coupons for every loyal customer.

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