5 Creative Ideas to Boost your Marketing efforts on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a brand’s way to show that professionalism can be well-displayed on a social network as well.

With over 740 million users worldwide, LinkedIn is the perfect way to attract new potential customers and invite professionals to join the team.

By staying close to the like-minded audience you find on LinkedIn, it is easier to reach your marketing goals.

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Use branded hashtags

Hashtags play a very important role in LinkedIn. Just like on all other social networks, hashtags help filter your brand easily.

It is very smart to create and use a branded hashtag whenever you share a new post and allow everyone to even follow your post by using that exact hashtag.

A branded hashtag is made of your brand’s name and you can even make it part of your future giveaway or marketing campaign. By asking your audience to use your hashtag while in a competition, you can boost your brand awareness and reach more new customers faster.

Take advantages of promoted posts

As each social network allows you to sponsor your actual posts or create brand new promotions, why not do so on LinkedIn too?

LinkedIn campaigns need to be carefully curated so you can reach your marketing goals. You can either choose to receive more website conversions, generate leads, boost brand awareness, etc.

By creating sponsored ads on LinkedIn, you’re properly taking care of what kind of audience youre trying to reach into and how you can represent yourself. Millions of people will be introduced to your products/services. We know how important it is to have a decent online presence on social media. Let alone on one of the most powerful and serious social networks, like LinkedIn.

Humanize your online presence

There’s something that not many brands are considering, because of the lack of information or ‘bravery’. So, imagine following a brand for a long time and not even knowing who works for that.

It is highly recommended to show your face on your brand’s social networks. People feel more secure of what product/service they’re trying to purchase once they know who’s providing it.

You can share a day in your office on LinkedIn Stories, create collage videos of monthly activities you organize, go Live on LinkedIn, etc.

Create private groups

Private groups on LinkedIn help boost your brand’s reputation. Keeping your audience engaged and updated with the latest news is what you should do next.

We at Publer already have a LinkedIn group – Publer Nation. We use this group to share the latest news. Also, we get real-time feedback regarding what we’re working on. As our community already knows, we love getting more suggestions on what best benefits them. Except for the LinkedIn and Facebook groups, we also offer a dedicated site – Feedback.

Schedule posts ahead

Scheduling posts ahead of time is life-changing. We’ve been through manual sharing and pre-scheduling posts. And we can properly compare and make the difference.

Scheduling posts opens the possibility to save more time and take good care of other important things. Interacting with comments, preparing marketing plans, and doing relevant researches is crucial for your brand.

Also, scheduling posts will elevate your online presence and help you properly present yourself in front of potential customers.

We at Publer support both Pages and personal Profiles. Everyone can easily connect their accounts and start scheduling new posts (text, visual content, and links).

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