Curate a Social Media Content Calendar

It is important to keep track of your work and maintain a good working schedule. We always aim to finish our tasks at the right time, but what happens when there’s a lot to do?

Every profession has its own difficulties and some tasks are even time-sensitive. Imagine a blogger, who writes the latest news regarding a specific topic. They have a loyal audience that always expects to be the first to learn something new by reading their articles and only theirs.

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Also, there is always a roadmap to a software development agency that the team should stick to accordingly in order to keep a great presence towards their clients.

Being aware of the busy day and multiple tasks a team has, we have come to a solution regarding the social media presence.

There are tons of post-schedulers out there, being used by millions of people to properly manage their online presence and also save time for other tasks.

Everyone who is taking care of the social media accounts knows perfectly well how important it is to keep a good reputation.

  • Social media posts should always be updated

The audience wants to know more about what is going on with your products and services, as long as they still follow and engage with your brand’s posts. Nobody follows a social media account just to increase the following number (at least this is not something a hard-working person would do, because who has time for that?)

  • The caption and media on a post should be well-curated

People are always attracted to unique pictures or a video that has a great resolution. Also, a great caption that is transparent to its meaning always catches someone’s attention.

  • Interact with the followers

Except for always being active on social media, one should take care of the inbox messages, comments, tags, and mentions. That’s how people know there’s a real person (or team) behind a brand and they also love fast answers to their questions.

Earlier this month, we have written about social media managers’ mental health and its importance towards the accounts they manage. Click here to learn more about how to keep a peaceful and proactive mindset.

Let’s see some simple steps about how you can curate a social media content calendar so that you have free time to create a new marketing plan per the upcoming months.

  1. Decide which media (photos/videos) you want to create posts for

There’s a mix of thoughts on this one. Some social media managers take the time to find and download a bunch of photos and get inspired to write different captions just by looking at them. It’s very important to save the same tone as your brand’s niche and not make inappropriate posts that could drive fans away.

Here’s a list of websites where you can find amazing photos for your social media posts (for free!).

  1. Select the relevant social accounts per each respective post

Social networks are all similar, yet different when it comes to the photo sizes and number of characters in the caption section. Each social network displays captions differently and that’s the reason why everyone should be very careful when it comes to curating a new post.

Here’s where the previewing tool come in handy. Publer provides Desktop and mobile previewing tools per all the changes you make to each post/social account. It’s important to view how your posts will look like once they’re online and if you’re not satisfied, you can simply go back to the creation dashboard and make the desired changes.

Also, it’s important to take a look at the text alignment, especially if you have mixed it with multiple emojis. Is there going to be a new row once your post is shared, or will it be an ugly paragraph one would never even consider reading? We already know how tricky Instagram can be when it comes to writing a proper caption.

Example of an inappropriate post on Instagram

  1. Pre-schedule your posts

Once you have decided which posts you’re going to share on all your social media networks, then what’s left to do is schedule them accordingly and easily manage them to a personalized calendar.

Most social media managers take the time to create wonderful posts and then easily schedule them. By using a post-scheduler, you will be able to select the desired mode of scheduling, respectively: manually, automatically, recycle, or recurring.

If you want to schedule a lot of different posts at the same time, all you have to do is create a posting schedule by specifying the desired days of the week, time, and the type of post (video, link, GIF, etc.).

If you want to schedule some evergreen content, the recycling mode comes in handy. Decide the days and times, and you’ve got yourself an automatic post-scheduling and posting.

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