Canva and Crello – Top 2 Practical Design Tools

Design Professional Photos & Videos with Canva and Crello

Publer integrates the best design tools as Canva and Crello to facilitate users’ experience in the platform! Develop a unique visual appearance for your successful business online using the color brand kits and the right text fonts.

You should read further if you aspire to succeed with your digital marketing efforts by quickly creating attractive posts, watermarking your content, and scheduling them from one place.

Canva and Crello - Top 2 Practical Design Tools integrated with Publer

Every user with an active account can create a design on Canva and Crello and save all the illustrations to its Media Library on Publer. The integrated buttons within Publer save your time linking accounts and opening different tabs.

Whether you want to keep an elegant aesthetic or a modern combination, that’s all up to you. What’s on us is to guarantee that none of these designing tools (Canva and Crello) require professional skills or great expertise in graphic design.

You can design new visual content from scratch or choose among the vast range of templates, elements, styles, etc.

Design Professional Photos & Videos with Canva and Crello using Publer
Filter by Canva or Crello on the Media Library


– Now, you can design and create videos with Canva and Crello, besides image illustrations! Also, you can add some music to your videos to make them more exciting and attractive.

– You can prepare a brand new link/YouTube video thumbnail without leaving Publer.

(Remember: Thumbnails have to be in an image format. The new design won’t be saved if you choose a video instead (on VistaCreate). 

Tip: Select the PNG image type for the best quality.)

– You can filter all your Canva and Crello illustrations in the Media Library to stay organized.

– Publer will automatically filter the design type (regardless of the tool you select) based on the social account that you’ve chosen on Publer. For example: If you’ve selected Facebook and then clicked on VistaCreate (Crello), the design type will be selected by default: all Facebook image & video sizes.

Integrated buttons of Canva and Crello with Publer

Let’s get technical!

Designing with VistaCreate: Everything you need to know.

As some of you might already know, VistaCreate (Crello) is a powerful digital marketing tool that helps thousands of people worldwide design professional visual content. Thus, the VistaCreate (Crello) integration on Publer was unquestionable from the start. 

We’ve already set up everything for you to start using Canva and Crello and prepare some impressive social media posts.

You must select the design type: Square Graphic Post, Square Video Post, etc. You can choose among all the options that VistaCreate offers: 

  • Templates (which you can modify with your text, brand colors, and effects); 
  • Photos (Get watermark-free HD images); 
  • Videos (Prepare impressive marketing videos to enhance your online presence); 
  • Animations & Objects (Moving and static elements that represent the purpose of an illustration); 
  • Text (To add titles or other descriptions); etc.

If you are already a VistaCreate user, you can easily link your account by clicking VistaCreate on the editor. After that, you’ll be using whatever your plan allows.

Designing with Canva

You’re probably familiar with the fantastic Canva integration to Publer, where every user can automatically save their photo illustrations to the media library from their Canva account.

Canva allows you to choose the exact workspace you want to save a design. And this is a great way to save time and local storage because Publer doesn’t have a file storage limit!

So, you can open Canva in a new tab to save the latest designs to Publer. But besides that, you can now design using the builtin Canva button

When you select Canva on the editor, you must sign in to your Canva account and start using it within Publer.

Every user of Canva and Crello knows how these design tools are truly gamechangers! You can start using them with Publer and facilitate your life too!

Design Professional Photos & Videos with Canva and Crello

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