Does the Video Content Change the Instagram Algorithm or Is It the Other Way Around?

It is important to know how the Instagram algorithm works with the changes it brings. When the director of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, addressed the public a few months ago, saying that this application no longer exists only for taking attractive photos and sharing them, he meant something similar to the revolution in the Instagram offer.

One would say this applies to a ‘game’ of algorithms, and by chance (or not), changes happen just when the entire digital world fell in the gap between the survival of its own business due to the pandemic and the worldwide success of the TikTok application.

Does the Video Content Change the Instagram Algorithm or Is It the Other Way Around?

What World Do You Live In?

The fact that “content is king” (Bill Gates, 1996) still stands, and there will be no changes in that domain (at least digital experts don’t predict them in the near future), but there will be changes in the format. In what way? If you use your Instagram profile for private purposes or because of a hobby you love, it will be much easier to create posts because you don’t have to monetize the content you create.

On the other hand, if an Instagram profile is your core business or you want it to become one, you need to understand the following:

  • consumers are increasingly using so-called “online window shopping” (surfing through digital windows of online stores),
  • you will have to prove your credibility more and more in the future, and trust will be the most difficult step to reach,
  • depending on the nature of the business, a big plus will be organized or free delivery,
  • consumers will not stop: they will ask for the best from you and the best one from you.

Additionally, you can make a synergy between Instagram and email by including your activities on this social network in your email marketing campaign. By updating subscribers about your brand’s active social community, email marketing can enhance engagement and followership on Instagram. Adding social media icons to your well-structured and well-designed email (which you can achieve using the VerticalResponse platform) is a simple technique.

There is an even better option. Encourage your Instagram followers to sign up for your emails by emphasizing the benefits they will receive, such as great material, exclusive offers, and discounts. One method to achieve this is to provide a specific URL to your sign-up form in your Instagram bio and convey the major benefit they will receive from your emails. With over half a million users checking Instagram Stories every day, promoting sign-ups with fun yet the educational video is a smart strategy. Use the Instagram Stories swipe-up functionality to send viewers to an optimized landing page with a lead capture form.

Does the Video Content Change the Instagram Algorithm or Is It the Other Way Around?
Photo by Hans Vivek on Unsplash

From Action to Reaction

That, in short, is Tik Tok. If it seems simple to you – it is not. Short videos, creative, unique, ambitious, rich in offerings, practice, explanation, entertainment, and information; creators who are seen and heard for the first time on that platform turned Instagram upside down. There are a few more important tips: always show the value of the product or service you offer, take care of the first two or three seconds of the video that are crucial, and don’t be boring when communicating with potential consumers.

Slowly realizing the possibilities of video, users are rapidly making Reels that are known by immediately increasing offers on Instagram, and the algorithm then starts to ‘go crazy’ (in a positive sense). In this way, users can record and edit video material for 15 to 30 seconds, upload music, and share it. Now you can find Reels almost everywhere – on the Story, Explore Feed, or on the Reels tab. In addition to the audio capabilities that Reels offer, you should start exploring the possibilities of AR effects, timers, countdowns, alignment, and speed – and watch your Reels turn into a masterpiece and the number of followers and clients grow.

Other Changes on Instagram – A Trick for Smaller Businesses

Each application strives to retain and increase the number of users, including the one we are talking about here. The guide targets blog lovers and the Instagram Shop is ideal right now when everything is switched to a click when the days and hours of each individual are saved, and the health during the pandemic and the global health crisis we are still in is being taken care of. If, on the other hand, you are a fan of longer video expression or if the nature of your business and business position requires it – IGTV is the solution for and can be found on Instagram as a standout feature.

In the end, Instagram users seem to have liked Story the most. It turned out that posts in this way are viewed more than once by a larger number of users compared to an individual post on the home page. It was only a matter of time before something else, something new in regard to this was made possible, so starting this year, Story can also be scheduled. Today, private business owners and social network managers can ‘relax’ – all that matters is that the Instagram profile is connected to the relevant Facebook profile.

Explore and Take What’s Given to You

If you have decided and chosen a digital place and a digital route, take the time to get to know and learn about what the Instagram algorithm has enabled you to do. Customize the video format to your business and track changes.

Instagram is undeniably a platform for brands to be discovered, as well as a platform for customers to research brands. When a picture is worth a thousand words, the video may help you say even more words. Video gives you the chance to show off your personality, team, and story in an engaging way.

Instagram is undeniably important for consumers to determine whether a product or brand appeals to them or not. Your customers are using Instagram to determine the products or brands they are interested in. When it comes time for them to make a purchase, having material that helps them get to know you will provide you with an advantage.

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