eCommerce on YouTube: New Features Unveiled

We’ve all seen the pop-up ads on different YouTube videos and some of us have clicked and purchased a service or product right from there. eCommerce on YouTube isn’t a new trend and it’s definitely here to stay with new features coming out for creators.

Less than 1 month ago, Facebook and Instagram also provided new shopping features, which we absolutely love as we aim to use both of those social networks daily.

The best part of using an integrated e-commerce website on a social network is the time-saving! Imagine watching a video and purchasing at the same time, without even leaving the page.

That’s exactly what YouTube is bringing to us. While you watch a live video of your favorite influencer, you can view a whole catalog of products, choose, save, and purchase.

ecommerce on youtube features

As YouTube itself says,

‘We often see that people switch between Search and YouTube to find new information that influences what to buy.’

So, this is the smartest solution when it comes to showcasing viewers all that they want to see at that exact moment.

We’ve always been there, where we watch a video, get inspired, and try to remember to later search about that item, but in fact, totally forget about it.

Now, everybody can surf through different online catalogs and make their desired purchase. People love fast solutions and that’s why YouTube is know building multiple and transparent call-to-action buttons so you can no longer get distracted in case you want to take a look at a product. 

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