10 Engaging Post Ideas for May 2021

Creative post ideas for May 2021

When it comes to being creative we sure have our ups and downs. One can’t simply get in front of the laptop and start writing.

There are of course tons of ways we can get through that, and this is exactly what we’re going to put into this article.

Getting inspired and building up new ideas for the future posts is a hard, but necessary work.

Here’s what you know:

  • Your audience loves when you share relevant-to-your-niche content.
  • People love trending news and articles, so stick to that.
  • Being active on social media isn’t an option.
  • Once you feel creative and get inspired, simply prepare your posts and schedule them right away.

10 Engaging Post Ideas for May 2021

  1. Go behind the scenes. Humanize your online presence and go live on YouTube, Instagram, or LinkedIn.
  2. Host a Live Webinar. Talk about a trending topic and invite someone from the audience to join.
  3. Pick and invite a successful entrepreneur to join in a Twitter Space or podcast – It’s National Creativity Day on May 30.
  4. Share a list of all the benefits someone can get from using your service or purchasing your products. It’s always okay to share what you offer.
  5. Share the latest trends in your niche. Do a quick research and collect important and informative stats that can really shape your brand’s niche.
  6. National Road Trip Day – Prepare a team retreat and explore a new place on May 24. Take fun photos and share them with your audience.
  7. Start a new marketing campaign. How about you do this on National Smile Day, May 31st?
  8. Create some sharable quotes. We all have had a rough year and a reminder about caring for mental health is always a nice choice.
  9. Name your top favorite digital marketing tools to use and help someone save time and work effortlessly.
  10. Share that you’re hiring, or promote a local business.

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