14 Essential Tips for your Small Business

There are multiple essential tips and tricks when it comes to designing the proper online marketing plan. Every small business needs a daily boost when exposing itself online.

Social media marketing is a crucial part of every small business. That, because it helps interact faster with customers and attract potential ones, get real-time feedback, get website visitors, etc.

Regardless of the business’ size, social media is worth all the efforts.

14 Essential Tips for your Small Business:

  1. Know your audience

There’s a reason why this is the first tip to having a successful small business. Your online presence is always depending on how many loyal customers you collect during the existence of your business.

It is very important to understand what your connections and customers want and love about your solutions. It’s recommended to create polls and help your team to make a marketing plan out of what the majority wants.

2. High-quality content

The first thought when listening to the phrase ‘high-quality content’ goes to the broad researches and proper collection of information.

A high-quality content is the answer to someone’s question, written correctly.

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3. Be visual

The importance of visual content is widely known for its powerful effect towards an effective ROI, and trust imposition.

Photos, videos, and Gifs aren’t some hidden marketing growth hacks – in fact, they’re essential.

According to a study from Microsoft, the average human attention span is about 8 seconds. This is the right moment to decide whether you’d go for a long text or a photo/video/Gif only.

There’s a reason behind the huge success of Pinterest and Instagram, don’t you think so?

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4. Use #hashtags smartly

In general, people use as many hashtags as they can think of. There are multiple types of hashtags, such as branded ones, containing emojis, industry-related, locations, etc. There are also trending hashtags, average-used, or poor ones.

People tend to use trending hashtags as they think it’s important to be part of what people search most. This is not always the right thing to do. The content has a great chance to get lost between multiple other posts. What most digital marketers suggest is to mix up the hashtag usage: 2 trending hashtags is the optimal choice!

The most important thing to keep in mind is to use relevant hashtags over quantity!

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5. Use the right digital tools

Every small business needs multiple tools to:

We’ve listed our favorite digital tools to use – especially during 2020. Everything turned out to act remotely and it was a must to own advanced tools.

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6. Stay organized

Each social network requires its own time. Take Pinterest as an example: It is only enough to save other’s Pins for about 10 minutes and you’re one step closer to growing the monthly viewers. Why? Because that’s how Pinterest’s algorithm works.

Many Instagram marketers spend hours to find the proper hashtags that fit to an image/video. We on Publer are saving a lot of time by simply generating some hashtags from the build-in system on the platform.

Decide which social platforms deserve the most time and stick to your routine.

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7. Real-time customer support

8. Track and modify performance

9. Stay spam-free

None of the social networks recommend you post endlessly. That because other users might get confused, angry, and tired of seeing the same account post again and again.

Being repetitive – aka recycling your posts too many times, isn’t a good thing either. We on Publer are currently providing the daily post limits as an article and also, as a pop-up warning window. This is for whoever is scheduling more than allowed/recommended for all the social networks.

10. Collaborate

Whether you’re considering the collaboration with huge marketing agencies, micro/macro-influencers, or other look-alike companies, everything is worth the experience.

We on Publer are currently collaborating with our VIP/Ambassadors who love spreading the word with all their followers/connections across different social networks.

Everyone can find tons of YouTube videos that best explain what Publer looks like, what are its top features and tools, and also, detailed DEMOs. It’s important to know that your brand has impacted and many users are taking the time to record high-quality videos that contain a lot of information for future customers.

What about the User-Generated Content?

11. Focus on it

UGC – User-Generated Content is the content created by the followers/users who aren’t getting paid for advertising.

Using/Resharing the content that contains information/feedback regarding your business is a smart strategy to get featured and leverage the time and efforts.

User Generated Content helps reach more people than usual posts – as the users are sharing their thoughts with their audience.

12. Show appreciation

To whoever is sharing your business’ top features and services publicly – thank them and let everyone how proud you are for your customers.

Many people share their thoughts or notice bugs and send private messages/emails – this is where you understand how loyalty can affect the business.

Planning and scheduling

13. Make a plan and schedule posts

Planning your future social media posts is what we all live for. That’s because this thing is worth the efforts!

Many small businesses are active on different social networks, such as Facebook (Pages, Locations, and Groups), Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn (Pages and personal Profiles), and Google My Business.

Luckily, we on Publer are active on all of them. We are currently creating, planning, and scheduling all our posts via the platform.

It’s important to collaborate with team members, download free Unsplash images, keep all media organized, automate signatures and auto-sharing/deleting, shortening long and boring links, creating quick shortcuts for long texts, and analyzing all the posts’ performance – in one single dashboard. This is why Publer is currently providing all the mentioned tools to ease ours and other’s workflow.

Publer’s dashboard

14. Give it time

None of the social networks behave the same online. Besides the content lifespans that change, people are active at different times in different social networks.

On Pinterest for example, most of the users stay active after 9 PM. That because Pinterest needs Rich Pins and it takes a lot of time to create multiple of them. Also, Pinterest is inspirational and who doesn’t want to have a little fun after a long, hard day?

By giving your social network time, you learn:

  • Which is the best time to post
  • How many posts you should share
  • Make time for new content, etc.

Social media is hard work! It needs time and a lot of efforts. But in the end, if everything is done correctly, it’s all worth it.

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