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7 Free Social Media Management Tools to Help Your Brand Grow

January 13, 2023
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Scheduling content and managing multiple social media accounts is exhausting. It takes a huge amount of time and effort to keep your content flowing, to interact and engage with your audience, and to make sure that your feeds are fresh and trending. This task, done manually, is too much. That’s why many small brands and influencers lean on social media automation and management tools.

There are many paid options out there that are great. Take Publer, for example, we have everything that anyone could possibly need to make their social media management a cinch. But paid plans aren’t for everyone, and sometimes your budget requires a free place to start. That’s especially true when you’re just starting out and have only begun to understand your social media strategy. There are lots of great options out there, and we’ve pulled them all together into this list.

Best 7 Free Social Media Management Tools for Small Brands & Influencers

The following list features some of the best free social media management tools available on the market. Some of them act almost like free trials, where some features are free but others require paid plans. Others offer everything they can for free with no real reason to sign up for a paid plan. We’d recommend trying a few, seeing which works best for you, then integrating it into your daily stack.


Now it wouldn’t be much of a list without the best on the market now, would it? Publer offers you incredible functionality at absolutely no cost whatsoever. Manage up to 3 social accounts, schedule up to 10 pending posts, create 25 drafts, and see your post history for the last 24 hours. This really is a great place to start your social media management, especially if you only need one seat. 

When you get to the point where you’ve outgrown the free plan, the professional plan is incredibly affordable and unlocks access to unlimited scheduling, drafts, and workspaces. At the professional level, you’ll also gain features such as bulk scheduling, media libraries, and eternal post history.

The daily post limits are substantial and (in our opinion), more than you’ll need to build your bustling empire.

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TweetDeck is a free platform for Twitter users. If Twitter is going to be a focus of your management efforts then it might be a great option, especially if you’re going to be managing multiple Twitter accounts at once. It allows you to schedule tweets in advance, monitor and track hashtags and keywords, as well as the ability to view and interact with Twitter notifications from within TweetDeck.

A feature we love is the creation of custom timelines and feeds so you can see the posts that matter to you as soon as you load in. Once your campaigns are up and running the analysis and tracking dashboard offers you an impressive array of performance metrics that help you see just how well you’re doing, or where your campaign could improve.

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Designed specifically for Pinterest and Instagram, Tailwind is a great choice for users focused on the visual side of social media. The free plan is a valid option for individuals or small brands as it allows you to schedule up to 100 pins and 30 Instagram posts per month. The SmartSchedule feature niftily automatically schedules posts and pins at the best times for maximum engagement.

The analytics are comprehensive, and when combined with the Hashtag Finder tool, your campaigns can go from strength to strength in no time. If you’re truly short on time, install the Tailwind browser extension to schedule right from your browser.


NapoleonCat offers management for a wide variety of platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. A core feature of the platform is the ability to provide customer support through social media channels from within the software.

The free plan offers basic analytics and some insights into core metrics, including post and campaign performance. It allows you to schedule and publish content, collaborate with team members, and even assign tasks to team members.

free social media management tools


Kapwing is an impressive web-based video and image editing platform. The free version offers creation, editing, and sharing options across multiple social platforms. There’s a great selection of tools on offer that allows you to design images, videos, and even GIFs. If you’re not sure where to start you can use the huge library of templates and resources that will have you creating professional-quality content in no time. If you’re a growing team, real-time collaboration is a great feature you’re sure to use. 


ContentCal offers a one-stop solution where you can plan, create, and publish content across social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. For the times you need inspiration the library of templates and resources will be helpful, and when you’re done you can publish and share content across social media, but also via email and your website.


Later’s free plan allows you to schedule and publish content for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter with a great library of content to work with. The Visual Planner is a great feature that allows you to visually plan and schedule content onto a calendar, giving you a clear campaign overview on one screen. The analytics are basic, but give you an insight into content performance.

Key Takeaways

Many of these free social media management tools offer similar features to each other, the tool you choose should be the one that you and your team and easily work with. Remember tools should enable and improve your working practices rather than become an annoyance and a hindrance.

  • Spend time with free versions of a tool before investing in a paid plan.
  • Consider how easily these tools will integrate with your current stack.

We’re not shy in saying that we think Publer is the best choice for individuals and small brands, the free version offers a great insight into how we work. Why not give us a try?

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