16 Fun and Creative Marketing Ideas for Thanksgiving

Every holiday is a chance to stand out and make a powerful impression.

Thanksgiving is a very important holiday for US citizens as they attend different events and cook delicious meals based on pumpkins and turkey.

Thanksgiving is a huge holiday in the US. According to ef.com, the holiday celebration is most commonly cited to have originated in 1621 in what is now Plymouth, Massachusetts. People are either cooking all day long, overeating, attending parades (impossible with this year’s situation), and watching American football.

The whole idea of Thanksgiving is to gather with family members and admitting to being grateful for every good thing in life.

Here’s a list of 16 Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas:

  1. Host a live webinar

A live webinar is a smart strategy to get engagement from your audience. Regardless of the brand’s niche, there’s always something to do on a holiday.

A fun way to make an impression on your audience is to host a live webinar where your team cooks some Thanksgiving meals. Get real-time suggestions for new ingredients and foods from your audience and then, donate all the meals!

If hosted live, you’d be receiving tons of compliments, virtual claps, and positive recognition! That would be even more amazing if your brand consists of a restaurant.

2. Enable paid features to many users on the Free plan

What’s better than letting everyone enjoy a little bit of turkey on a Thanksgiving?

Most of the service-provider companies have different prices for different features and tools. It would be a nice thing to offer everyone who’s currently on a Free plan – a free month of all the paid features as well. Sounds like a plan?

Got a wide audience?

3. Email marketing campaign to thank your fans

4. Organize events and give away a free Thanksgiving meal

5. Create Thanksgiving-themed profile pictures

This Halloween, we got very excited about the scary-themed event and decided to give some extra thoughts to some online games.

Besides that, we created multiple illustrations where the whole background changes, and Publer – the superhero – was scary.

While on Thanksgiving, there are tons of modifications you can make to your profile pictures, and cover photos.

  1. Try social media themed advertisements

  1. Create funny memes

Who doesn’t love a good laugh? Invite all your team members to think and research different ideas for interesting and catchy memes.

Not only will you get a log of engagement on social media, but most people will adore the sense of humor, especially when they least expect it.

  1. Don’t forget about Thanksgiving keywords and #hashtags

#Thanksgiving, #TurkeyTalk, #food, #home, #holiday, etc. are important hashtags that shouldn’t be missing on your posts during the Thanksgiving week.

To get real-time trending hashtags that would empower your whole online presence, you could use the Hashtag Generator tool on Publer. Where do you think we got the ones that are written here?

  1. Try BOGO (or BOGOF)

BOGO – buy one, give one – is an impressive (psychological) strategy to attract customers. By allowing them to buy one of your products so that he gets another thing for Free, many people would get triggered to invite their friends as well.

Again, regardless of your niche, there is something that you can provide for Free.

  1. Create a new board on Pinterest named ‘Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas’

Fast and easy like that. Simply go to Pinterest and create a new board. Give all the proper details, caption, and title, and start saving different Pins that are related to Thanksgiving.

If you’re a food-related brand, you can save thousands of Pins related to different dishes that are perfect for the Thanksgiving dinner.

In Publer’s case, the new Board named Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas contains fun and engaging Thanksgiving marketing tips.

  1. Create engaging themed Instagram Stories
  2. Collaborate with other brands
  3. Send out Thanksgiving Holiday Cards

  1. Make a list of local events and notify everyone based on their locations

Doing some researches and providing them for free is an amazing and powerful thing to do. Start by finding what’s trending and next Thanksgiving events in different parts of the world. Create a guide and send everyone a nice Thanksgiving-themed email by letting them know how they can spend the holiday differently.

In 2020, many things have changed, and therefore, many events might be organized online only. So, make sure to save and share the right URL and off to enjoying good feedback.

Play around

  1. In-app games

Last Easter, Publer organized an interesting in-app game. It consisted of finding up to 20 eggs across the website, and the blog page. Publer organized an Event named Easter Egg Hunt 2020, which was sponsored targeting all its users.

People were thrilled to attend the event and have fun throughout the website to find little yellow eggs, which would help them win different prizes.

Except for tons of website visits, people will love the whole entertaining and competitive atmosphere.

  1. Organize a team retreat

A team retreat is always a good idea. Whether it’s about a 1-day escape or a whole weekend – it is positive for the whole team.

A themed team retreat might consist of an amazing Thanksgiving dinner or an Airbnb apartment where you can cook everything by yourself.

Don’t forget to take pictures and have a lot of fun.

Get some team retreat ideas and tips here.

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