8 Fun Ways to Celebrate Halloween in 2021

8 Fun Ways to Celebrate Halloween in 2021 by Publer

And just like that, it’s almost Halloween, again.

We know the time has passed so fast and we had an amazing year of different experiences. And what’s most important – we took some extra care of our mental health.

There are hundreds of holidays during the year and we try to remind all of our customers by adding them all on the calendar. Each holiday is simply one click away from creating a new post – where the hashtag is also attached.

8 Fun Ways to Celebrate Halloween in 2021 by Publer

So, back to Halloween – one of the most important holidays in the US and other countries in the world. Halloween is famous for its trick and treat game where kids (mostly) knock on people’s doors and ask for candies, otherwise, they scream or do other ‘spooky’ things to scare the house-owners.

Other traditional things consist of telling scary stories, decorating the house in huge pumpkins or other scary ornaments, wear scary costumes, etc.

This is how we at Publer celebrated the holiday in 2020.

So, here’s a list of how you can celebrate Halloween in 2021 with your colleagues:

  • Organize giveaways and share halloween-related designs, cookies, email marketing ideas, crafts, etc.
  • Organize a webinar and allow everyone to watch a scary movie together.
  • Share the history of Halloween in Stories or Reels 
  • Organize the classic Trick or Treat in your neighborhood and share it on Live.
  • Write an article about Halloween (stats and facts) and repurpose the content across socials.
  • Organize an integrated game on your website where people can find spooky elements like pumpkin, ghost emojis, black cats, etc. (check this idea).
  • Share recipes for delicious Halloween candies.
  • Decorate the office and allow your employees to share photos/games.
  • Bonus idea: Visit an abandoned house/town and share its story.

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