9 Gen Z Marketing Strategies To Utilize in 2021

You’ve already heard of the Gen-Z and its powerful effect on what’s trending. And it is important to know more about that generation as you can use it to your benefit.

Gen-Z is the generation that includes everyone who was born in the mid-90s and early 2000s. Which means they’re either teenagers or in their early 20s right now.

When it comes to sharing content and promoting different services/products, we should consider every age we think can benefit from those.

All our marketing efforts would be wrong-tailored if we wouldn’t consider expanding and targeting this generation. According to Oberlo, they cover more than 1/4 of the US population and have shown a strong purchasing power of over $40 billion, annually.

Here’s a list of 9 Gen Z Marketing Strategies To Utilize in 2021:

  • Optimize the mobile experience – as much as you can.

Gen-Z and most people surf through different websites and social networks mainly through their mobile phones. It’s important to understand that once you’re providing easy access and a smooth experience on mobile, you’ll ensure a long stay and visiting time.

Regardless of the platform, you’re most active on, rather it’s a social network or website only, you must take very good care of the way you display visual content, check spelling and grammar errors, and help everyone understand what you provide faster.

Everyone wants a nice experience while scrolling through some important information or when deciding which product to purchase. Once you’ve made things easy and clear enough, you’ll earn yourself a new and loyal customer.

  • Let them know about what others think, too.

Gen-Z is the generation of facts. Unless they see something works, they won’t take any kind of action. By providing value to your product/service, then you’re letting them know that they can benefit from it.

If you want to make sure that this step is done correctly, you should sell the experience. Tip: Hire local or international influencers and feature them on your socials. Allow them to takeover continuously and earn yourself a reputation.

  • Be ready to support them, anytime.

If there’s something that is highly required, not only towards the Gen-Z but every generation, is qualified customer support!

By staying close to your audience and letting them know they can reach out to you about everything, then people will definitely love your brand and team.

Think of this generation as the most informed one. They know exactly what’s happening in the world, including fake news and everything. By offering a personalized customer interaction you’ll earn yourself a loyal audience.


  • Targeting Gen-Z is easier and faster on trending apps like Snapchat, TikTok, and YouTube rather than Facebook.

According to statista.com, 23.8% of Facebook users are 55+ years old. And, according to smallbusiness.chron.com, the average Facebook user in the US is 40.5 years old.

  • Video content over anything else.

7 in 10 teenagers spend over 3 hours a day watching videos. This is an important statistic in case you want to curate a social media marketing strategy for the future.

Video content is always attractive because it showcases fast information. This is one of the reasons why TikTok and Snapchat blew up fast.

  • Micro-influencers over traditional influencers

Gen-Z is not a complicated generation. All you need to understand is that they love real information and facts. They know perfectly well that traditional influencers are paid a lot to talk and write about different products. This is what makes them differ in their focus.

Meanwhile, the micro-influencers are always well-welcomed as usually, they never promote products and services they haven’t tried first.

They care about their public image and want a loyal audience, therefore, all the products and services they promote are worth it.

  • Get practical over theoretical 

As we mentioned above, this generation wants to know all about facts and real things. Too many words will make them get bored and focus somewhere else, in no time.

You’ve got an amazing hair treatment to promote. Show everyone before and after pictures, rather than talk endlessly about the ingredients.

  • Make them part of who you are

Of course, you care about your customer’s opinions. Share their thoughts with everybody else and make sure to provide them more opportunities. For example, offer a job as an influencer or ambassador.

  • Respond to all types of comments

It’s okay to respond to comments after some minutes or hours. But, make sure to respond, regardless of the type of comment: compliments, funny ones, or negative.

Comments are your chance to shine and showcase another side of your brand. Let everyone know your team cares, a lot.

Bonus tip

  • You might be active on all social platforms, but you need to treat them differently.

As we said above, Gen-Z uses social networks a lot. They don’t really want to see the same content everywhere. Make them curious and provide more information on different socials. This is what will drive them to follow you everywhere. 

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