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Why does your business need a video marketing campaign? Millions of people surf online and watch at least one video per day. And with the latest addition to the most popular social media platforms, most of them are scrolling to endless video feeds every day.

The motion, the music, the graphics, and the aesthetics are the things that keep them hooked to devour more and more animated content. But why? 

Why do humans love videos

We all have caught ourselves mindlessly scrolling through tons of short videos, or simply watching in autoplay mode whatever the next in line had to offer. But why do we prefer videos, well-thought text, or amazing pictures?

Eyes are programmed to be attracted to movement and this is why most of today’s campaigns are thought to be produced through some sort of animation.

How to set up a video marketing campaign


Recognize your audience! Do you know who you are talking to? It is extremely important to get to know your audience before starting with these types of campaigns. How old are they? What do they like? What do they do in life? Why should they like your brand? What solution are you providing to them? These are only a few of the questions you should be able to answer before going any further.


Have you already decided why are you doing this? What do you want to achieve? More sales are important to grow your revenue of course, but sometimes, brand awareness can act as a passive selling tool for you in the long run. Take a moment to bring order to your thoughts and get clear about this video’s goal.


How much can you afford to pay for this campaign? If you are a small enterprise, and you risk going overboard, think well about the costs of it. Video making can be highly costly, but if you are just starting there are some types of videos that can be done at a smaller fee. To learn more keep reading through the ideas below.


How can you increase your conversions? There are a few tips and tricks to this. It first starts with the video-making part. Be clear on what you are offering and if possible repeat it. Use a valid call to action, so users get guided on what you expect from them. Most important, grab their attention and make it so interesting that they won’t want to leave. To learn more about the advertisement side you can read more on Google Ads Help.


Let’s Hop into the Video Marketing Campaign Ideas

Best Practice

What are you best at? And even if you are not, most probably you will find a video online on how to perfect a certain knowledge or daily task that you feel like lacking. Just as you are constantly looking for solutions on how to solve IT problems, you can offer your users and customers solutions with guided videos on how to best use your products or services.


Likewise, with sharing how to better use your product and service, it is as important to inform your customers to not do a specific something. It might be the wrong way of using a product, the wrong way to benefit from the service, or even not the right way to approach your brand. Finding a fun way to explain it, bearing in mind to inform and engage but not offend your users can result in a great campaign, which can become viral.

Make fun of… yourself?

Laughter has been proven to bring people closer, and if you can make it about yourself, or a certain thing you are offering you are guaranteed virality. Try to be careful though, to not become offensive or banal. The message should be clear, not too complicated, and not too much on the face. It should of course involve the brand or what you are providing to your users.

Live Streams

To watch a video is fun, to know that the person behind it, it’s streaming right at that moment is priceless. The video is not edited, it is raw and genuine. Furthermore, prospects can ask direct questions about specific areas, that maybe you didn’t even pay much attention in the future.

Behind the Scenes

“In the making of…” Have you ever skipped a behind-the-scenes video of your favorite soap opera or movie? Showcase moments from your team at work or pass raw footage of your creations during their production time. Document daily conversations, and processes all while adding interesting audio. While telling your story you are showing your audience your struggles and challenges, taking them on you everyday journey.


People who have already tried and liked what you have to offer can serve as a perfect word of mouth marketing. When a product or service is good pretty often the consumers want to talk about it so more people can benefit from it. Authenticity is key in these types of campaigns.

Time Lapse

How did you get from point A to point Z? It wasn’t easy but you made it! Good, congratulations… but now we want to see how you did it, and we don’t have much time to spend on it. The more time passes by the more people are drawn from things that are completed fast. That is why time lapsing the creation of a product or of a service offered from the beginning till the end is a great way to market what you are offering.

Attention when creating a Video Marketing Campaign

When opting for a video marketing campaign you should know that QUALITY is the first thing on which you shouldn’t compromise. A low-quality video can through your whole campaign to the trash been. But creating quality content can be very costly at times. Not only because of various types of equipment, cast, and necessities during the shooting but also, during post-production when experts will take care of the video all the editing, cutting, and synchronization. Now that you have all the insights and you can start creating a video it’s time to learn more about Winning Video Distribution Strategies.

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