Give power to your Link in Bio on Instagram

An aesthetic and clickable Instagram grid where everybody could head to their desired post in a second. 

We know that changing the link in bio on Instagram every single day is exhausting, not at all user-friendly nor recommendable and let’s admit it: nobody has time for that.

This is why we came up with an advanced and useful solution. One link per every important URL you own. Attach links to every photo you post on Instagram to make them all clickable on your new dashboard (link in bio). Allow yourself to get huge traffic, boost engagement, grow all socials and blog visitors, track clicks and make sales through one link only.

Create your unique Link in Bio today.

Transforming your Instagram into a mini-website is now only 1 minute away. Imagine all your Instagram photos that are easily clickable and users can quickly read articles, get informed about a new update, read real-time reviews, and purchase products they love. Pinterest, who?

So, here’s a scenario: You’re sharing an article about the benefits of using a hydrating creme, and the next day, you want to share the disadvantages of using the wrong ones. In this case, you need to change the link in bio each day so people can click on the right and coherent article.

We’re literally avoiding this time-consuming action. You’ll only have one unique link in bio, which people can click and be directed to another Instagram-lookalike grid view where each photo is now clickable, just like on a website!

To set up your Link in Bio:

  • Go to Accounts
  • Select your IG account

Select your IG account
Select your IG account
  • Choose the second option on the left: Link in Bio.

Click Link in Bio and customize your new dashboard

Add a username: Create a unique username for your new link in bio. You can copy/share it to your IG bio and not only.

Website (optional): In case you want everyone to check out your website too, we’re providing an option to add it on the top right corner. Everyone visiting your link in bio can also check out your Website. Customize the Button text, i.e Visit Website. PS: If you want to add a social network, Shopify store, a Spotify account, etc. you can do that too. In our case, we’re empowering our website and want to boost traffic.

Tap on post tooltip: Links in Bio can be used for articles, songs, items to purchase, etc. In our case, we’re sharing blog articles only – that’s why we’re highlighting the tooltip: Tap on a post to learn more. If you own an online shop, you can write Click to purchase the item.

Tap on post tooltip

Add up to 15 other important links: They’ll appear as Story highlights on IG, but on your new dashboard they’ll be clickable. Cool, right? Add all your essential URLs, such as other socials. In our case, we’ve added all of our socials (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.), HelpCenter, Blog, etc.

The next step is to add links to posts that have been shared already. So, practically, you need to go to the Calendar and select Posted. Click on each post that needs a link attached (even if that’s been shared 1 year ago) and as soon as you add a link at the bottom of the post, you’ll see it on the Link in Bio dashboard.

And the cool thing is that you can schedule new posts with the link already attached! We’ve already added our blog articles links to the past posts, and can’t be happier to never change the link in bio again. They’re all in one dashboard now!

Then, check all the already shared posts that need a link attached.

Click here to learn more.

Everything comes for FREE. No tricks. No marketing pitches. Hands down: Free forever.

Reasons to love your new Link in Bio:

  • You don’t have to change the link in bio ever again.
  • The link in bio setup is done in a minute and there’s no need for technical skills. Nothing to install: everything is web-based and mobile-friendly.
  • Along with each clickable photo, you can add up to 15 other links to connect your socials, Shopify store, Medium profile, or whatever you want.
  • Reach your goals faster. Once a person is on your link in bio dashboard, they can surf through multiple links, read everything they want, and purchase products with ease.
  • Schedule your future Instagram posts along with the link! Not only can you share posts directly, but schedule them at a later time. As soon as the post is shared on your IG profile, it’ll be automatically shared on the link in bio dashboard too.
  • You can track link clicks and prepare a detailed marketing plan out of the results.

So, here’s how your dashboard will look like:

  • On the top left corner, there’s your Instagram account. Every user can click on the name or profile picture and head to your Instagram account immediately. An effortless way to grow your followers’ number.
  • On the top right corner, there’s your website (optional). If you’re a small business and own a website, you can add it so everyone who’s visiting your link in bio profile, can immediately visit your website too. Earning clicks and traffic has *never* been easier.
  • Below, you can find up to 15 other links which might be socials, other websites, your Shopify account, a special collaboration you’re having, etc. and they all will look like Story highlights. Oh, here’s an idea: You can promote others profiles/products by simply adding the link to their profile/website on the Story-like features. Smart, right?

  • Then, you’ll see your Instagram grid. Every post that you’ve linked a URL to, will appear on your link in bio dashboard. People can find what they’re looking for easily. PS: You can change the respective links anytime!

So, you didn’t believe us when we first told you that your IG is about to turn into a website, huh?

In case you’re wondering, yes, there’s a Premium Plan too.

To be more clear: If you use a Free plan, there’ll be a minimal Publer banner at the bottom of your Link in Bio dashboard and no analytics record.

While on the Premium Plan, not only will your dashboard be banner-free, but you’ll also be able to track clicks performance in real-time.

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