Google My Business Image Sizes & Dimensions

Google My Business Image Sizes & Dimensions

Google My Business media are very important, as they’re somehow the first to appear when someone Google-searches for a brand. It is the powerful search engine – Google – that never allows your brand (if registered and has a great SEO strategy) to appear below what you’re expecting.

Except for the website link, industry, etc. that don’t and must not change, the images can.

Did you know that 60% of consumer prefer search results that have a good image?

And except for all the amazing and trustworthy information that a Google My Business profile must have, its photo must be simple, transparent, and informative.

Cover photo

Any image that helps visitors understand what your company does, the products it sells, your team members, and your office space qualifies as a business photo (interior and exterior).
Including a range of photographs improves the user experience. Especially when you show them where your business is located, making it easier for them to discover it.

  • – The maximum width displayed is 480 pixels and height is 270 pixels
  • – Regardless of the size, Google will show the whole image. If the image is square or portrait, a black background will be visible.

Google My Business profile photo size allows a maximum of 5200px x 5300px. Although, it is recommended to be a square photo made of 250px x 250px.

Regarding its videos, they must be up to 30 seconds.

All kinds of small and midsize companies (SMBs) ought to be included on Google My Business. You can have a box display beside the local search results when someone searches for your business by either claiming an existing listing or making a new GMB page. It contains all of the important information about your business, such as open hours, contact information, your location on Google Maps, and photographs of your business and crew!

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