Google News Showcase – Product or Program?!

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Google News Showcase is the latest and worthiest licensing program you will hear about!

Trustworthy Information is GOLD!

And Google, the biggest giant in the tech industry, agrees to appreciate trustworthy resources. 

Euronews announces that Google will pay more than 300 journalists and publishers for valuable news in the EU. First thought of this program starts of legal requirements according to the copyright rules in the European Union. Nevertheless, this is the best action that Google could take. 

It shows appreciation for valuable content and reliable news more than just building precise algorithms to detect accuracy on its search engine.

The new update from Google is the Google News Showcase for news publishers.

Sulina Connal, the director for news and publishing partnerships at Google, has confirmed the agreement between Google and 300 European specialists in news publications. She could undoubtedly confirm the arrangements with publishers in Germany, Hungary, France, Austria, the Netherlands, and Ireland. Plus, Google has opened discussions with many other countries. 

How did Google News Showcase program come up?

News publishers have been opting for credits from tech giants for quite a long time. There have been lots of back and forth efforts of hard work and algorithms. So, this agreement seems a fair deal in bridging news experts to online visibility. 

It’s worth mentioning that Spain has already embraced the copyright directive. This indicates that Google and Facebook must share revenue with publishers. 

Moreover, after a significant fine from France over a disagreement, Google offered an ENP agreement to pay French news providers for the right to display their news online.  

Google News Showcase program to get paid for your content on Google.

Google News Showcase Is Available!

The World’s biggest tech company confirmed launching the licensing program Google News Showcase with over 750 publications across Europe! 

Google confirmed offering publishers the “Extended News Preview” agreement for their content with a specific tool found in Search Console. It will explain the process of signing up, providing feedback, and the context of the proposal.

Publishers will continue to have complete control over their content online. Plus, they have the choice to change their preferences and register in the ENP program at any time. Read further at Google’s blog article about how it works. 

Now, this is another innovative action that the World must applaud Google for. Legal requirements or not, paying news publishers is the best thing the giant tech could do to provide us with top-quality and updated content in the EU. 

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