Growth Hacking Tips to Repurpose Your Content

Creating content for future blog articles, or social media takes a lot of effort and time. Here’s where repurposing comes in handy.

Content repurposing is the process of recycling your existing content. Simple as that. And that’s the main growth hacking tip you should be aware of.

There are multiple things to keep in mind when considering recycling/repurposing, as it may negatively affect your SEO. Also, some social networks have daily post limitations. Here’s how Publer is currently preventing users from spamming.

The whole idea of repurposing is to always keep great content healthy and attractive.

Many blog articles or social media managers feel proud of their content often. And there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, it is highly recommended to reshare the content again, maybe with some updates and extra comments.

Repeat to yourself: My content needs a second chance!

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Before taking any kind of reposting/sharing action, you need to make sure that your content really needs to get out there one more time.

A content marketing strategy is based on knowing the audience and targeting correctly. And you’re officially one step closer to reaching your goal when you properly value your content. Attracting a potential client’s attention is one thing, but making them take action is a whole new one. People get attracted by high-quality content.

What is high-quality content?

It is the content that helps people find the right answer to their question, in a text that’s grammatically correct. If it seems like an easy process, well, allows us to burst that bubble – because it is not. If you think that writing for a new product or service with the assistance of Grammarly is enough, you’re wrong.

A high-quality content deserves a real research, a fun and unique voice, and an always-updated-information.

So, what content deserves to be considered an evergreen one?

First thought goes to the content that never ‘dies’. It’s the content that still has meaning even 1 year after it has been created. On Publer, we’re always updating the platform, yet there are multiple tools that can’t be updated. Some features have been nailing it since day one.

This trach sculpture image is taken by Victoria Wendish.

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7 ideas to repurpose your content

1. Updates on social media => Blog articles (or vice-versa)

Are you feeling proud of the last tips you wrote in bullets on your last Instagram post? Well, that’s your chance to expand your thoughts and give more information to the audience.

Start writing a blog article by explaining all the ins and outs, based on your researches and experience. Let everyone know how those tips helped you and what triggered you to share those with the followers.

2. Webinars => Social Media post, Blog article, Help Center article, or video tutorial

Webinars are an amazing strategy to reach a huge audience, in a very short time. They are all about giving valuable information: how a service works and how people can take advantage of it; how to use a product; etc. Webinars have a powerful impact on a potential audience.

Check out our webinar on National Superhero Day, April 28th, 2021.

This is why you should make the most out of everything you put effort into. You can create and schedule new social media posts via Publer, for every social network and enjoy the insights – all from one single dashboard.

Screenshot taken from the results when searching for ‘Infographics’ on Publer’s blog

3. Blog articles => Infographics (perfect for Pinterest)

Rich Pins are the old, yet golden content to share on Pinterest. Pinners love fresh and transparent information, therefore infographics are a great trampoline to a website. There are many blog writers who put their thoughts into bullets and those types of articles are the easiest ones to transform into infographics.

Check out Publer’s infographic about Top Digital Marketing Tools In 2021 on Thanksgiving Day.

4. Quora Q&A => Blog articles, tweets

The legendary website that has an answer to every question is a huge advantage to everyone struggling to create new content. Every answer on Quora is a chance to bring more visitors to your website, make a name, so people can find you on LinkedIn (or any other social platform). Every epic answer on Quora deserves a special spot on a social media post or a whole blog article.

5. Blog articles => Email marketing campaign

New products on sale or other updates on the platform? That’s a chance to convert this information into an email marketing strategy. Let everyone know about this news and how they can make the most out of it.

How about UGC? Is it a useful method of growth hacking?

6. Clients share tutorials/photos about your product => Turn them into blog articles, or social media posts

We at Publer receive multiple notifications from our customers. They prepare amazing Demos and tutorials on how to make the most out of the platform. And we’re always resharing and publicly thanking everyone who takes the time to write/talk about tips and tricks to smoother social media automation.

7. Top Customer Support answers => Blog posts

Repetitive questions + epic customer support answers = a useful blog article!

There are multiple things you can’t afford to let go of.

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