Halloween Marketing Ideas – A Treat for Your Small Business

For many years, people have been spending a lot of money and putting a lot of effort into new marketing ideas for one of the most famous holidays: Halloween.

Today, we’ve made our choice – We want both the tricks and treats!

The whole month of October is internationally known and called after this holiday – the Halloween Month.

Halloween is celebrated in many countries and it is known for its scary-themed houses, events, costumes, etc. Besides the fun part, Halloween is a very important holiday for different businesses. That’s because almost every type of brand out there can easily find their way to repurpose their business into matching this holiday.

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Every October 31st, people get really excited about their scary costumes and event organizations.

According to Pinterest Newsroom, people are searching for tons of Halloween ideas for a safe and sound party – Halloween themed masks, breakfast, decorations, etc.

If you have an eCommerce website, selling Halloween-related costumes, masks, hats, party items, etc. is a smart opportunity to increase sales.

Tip: Use branded logos for every item you’re showcasing.

Ever wondered which is the right time to announce a huge sale after summer and before Thanksgiving? Well, you got it. Halloween is a great opportunity to organize and display discounts because people love having fun and spending on special events.

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Tips to a successful Halloween for your small business?

Keep it relevant.

You don’t want your private laboratory to provide scary medical recipes or bloody nurses to take care of the patients.

Time to Halloween-ize your brand!

Halloween Marketing Ideas for your Small Business

1. Add Halloween scary elements to your profile photo, cover, and all over the website. This helps the user/visitor understand that you’re really present and you love spending time entertaining everyone.

2. Organize social media events. Whether you’re giving away personalized gifts to the participants, or boost engagement by creating a game, that’s all up to you. You can create crosswords, Instagram/Facebook Story games, polls, etc. – all related to Halloween. Create scary designs and keep it color-consistent: black and orange.

3. Create special pumpkin business cards for every person you’re meeting in the last week of October until the 31st. Let everyone know how much you love spending time on details and make them laugh, by smartly gaining their trust.

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4. Throw a Halloween party. Or an online one… How would you like this year’s Halloween party to be held in Zoom or Google Meet? 4th, but one of the most common ideas. Encourage your team members to have fun, spread the word, and share enough photos/stories with their connections to help boost brand awareness. Let everyone know how fun your team is, besides all the hard-working background.

5. Already planned your Halloween party? How about a dress-up discount? What a chance to boost the user-generated content! It’s like a live giveaway and the main requirement is wearing a Halloween-related costume.

6. If you’re a food-related business, you can prepare tons of different food ideas that contain bits of Halloween’s theme. Put some pumpkin flavors to the desserts and make them black and orange, so you can get autumn-colored items everywhere. Share photos, videos, and Gifs with your colleagues and audience.

halloween inspired cupcakes
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7. Make the most out of Instagram/Facebook Gifs on Stories.

Create scary stories based on emojis/Gifs and create a Poll by giving multiple options and let users find the correct answer. Be fun and boost engagement.

Instagram/Facebook Stories are providing tons of Free emojis and Gifs that will help you be part of the ‘fiesta’ easily. Allow the emojis/Gifs to speak for the context.

NEW: You can now create and schedule Instagram Reels with Publer. Make the most out of them!

8. Create a new board/section on Pinterest and call it ‘Halloween Marketing Ideas’.

All you need to do is spend at least 10 minutes per day and allow everyone to get ideas on how to properly organize a Halloween party, cook different autumn dishes, etc.

Are you a Pinterest fan already? If not, try it out so you’ll start seeing amazing results on your Pinterest account. The monthly viewers’ number will start increasing and hopefully, you’ll get new followers.

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9. Make the most out of Canva and VistaCreate. Both designing tools provide multiple free templates (Pinterest Pins, Instagram Stories, Infographics, etc.) that are Halloween-themed and ready to be edited in the most professional way. Boost your online presence by sharing them with your audience.

10. Does your business offer affiliate service?

Allowing users to become ambassadors is one of the smartest marketing strategies. Regardless of your brand’s niche, you can provide a simple affiliate program for people to join and spread the word. When someone makes a purchase from their unique link, you both earn!

Check out the Ambassador’s site on Publer. Every Ambassador can download their own personalized banners for future social media posts or YouTube tutorials/Demos.

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11. Write blog posts

Just like in our case, you can write new blog posts related to some tips and tricks for a successful Halloween party, new recipes, special scary costumes, freaky designs for the masks, etc.

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12. Don’t forget about the keywords!

Whether you’re scheduling your next social media posts, scary newsletters, amazing and midnight giveaways, etc. you should take good care of the most important keywords. That’s important because your posts/content can get easily discovered by many people – therefore, your brand can get a huge engagement.

Here are some of the keywords so that must be present on your next content: Halloween, candy, haunted, pumpkin, spooky, fear, scare, costume, party, trick, and treat.

Don’t forget to enjoy Halloween and be creative!

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