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April 11, 2023
hashtags on linkedin

You can find these letter-number combinations on every social media platform right after the # symbol, following each other in various places. It’s called a hashtag.

Hashtags on LinkedIn are similar to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, allowing content to be grouped in the same place to show the same topic.

In other words, hashtags will increase the visibility of your posts and articles on LinkedIn to get more interactions. It’s also a great way to follow topics that interest you.

In today’s article, you will learn how hashtags on LinkedIn work, how to follow hashtags and some rules on how to use them and grow your audience. Read on if you want more people to see your LinkedIn posts and content.

How Do Hashtags on LinkedIn Work?

Hashtags on LinkedIn categorize content similarly to TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram. Hashtags help users find content related to a particular topic. Also, adding hashtags to your content can help others find you, including those who may not be related to you.

In addition, you can follow hashtags on LinkedIn, meaning that posts containing the selected hashtags will appear in your feed. From a marketing perspective, making LinkedIn content accessible to a wider audience is a win!

Now let’s look at how hashtags work on LinkedIn profile and company pages.

If your LinkedIn profile has enabled content creation mode, you can add up to 5 hashtags. This makes it easier for other LinkedIn members to find and follow your content. These hashtags aren’t clickable like those in your posts but can help expand your audience and reach.

On the other hand, adding hashtags to your pages can help in organizing them into categories. This allows the algorithm to surface your content to LinkedIn users who follow and search for those hashtags.

Pick up to three that represent what you do or your posts are about, and ensure to pick the hashtags your audience is searching for.

How To Use Hashtags On LinkedIn 

There are two aspects to using hashtags on LinkedIn:

  • Find and follow relevant hashtags so you can join the conversation.
  • Add relevant hashtags to your content to get more people to find it. 
  • You can add hashtags to your LinkedIn posts, articles, comments, etc.

Read More: Have a look at this article for a better explanation.

Publer also has a great feature to help you generate niche and popular hashtags depending on your content. It is very easy to use. 

For example, if you create a LinkedIn post on Publer like here below, write your content or use AI Assist for more creative content and click on hashtags.

Also, you can use these features on any other social media platform with Publer.

How To Find LinkedIn Hashtags To Follow 

If you follow hashtags that interest you personally, you’ll see relevant updates in feeds containing those hashtag topics. 

Find hashtags from the search bar:

Enter the hashtag you’d like to find in the Search at the top of the page. For example, try to write #socialmediamarketing or #aicontent.

Click on a hashtag to access the hashtag’s news feed, where you can see content related to the hashtag topic. For example, the #aicontent hashtag has only 153 followers, which means it is unpopular.

On the other hand, if you see the hashtag #socialmediamarketing has 160,826 followers. We will list below the trending hashtags for 2023.

Click the “Follow” button to follow the hashtag.

Also, users may not see all posts containing the hashtag when they click “See all results” as the results may vary by member and location.

Here are some other ways to find new hashtags to follow:

  1. Click on a hashtag you’re interested in from your feed and click the “Follow” button at the top of the page under the hashtag name.
  2. Click “Discover More” under “Followed Hashtags” on the lower-left corner of your LinkedIn homepage to see a recommended list of popular hashtags related to the hashtags you follow.
  3. Click the “More” icon on a post that interests you, and click “Improve my feed” and get a list of recommended hashtags.
  4. Click the “My Network” icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage and scroll to the bottom to see hashtags trending in your network.

Hashtags Trending On LinkedIn in 2023

Below we are listing the 20 top LinkedIn hashtags in 2023 according to LinkedIn. You can pick some of them and apply them depending on your topic.

  1. #India – 67.6 million
  2. #Innovation – 38.8 million
  3. #Management – 36 million
  4. #HumanResources – 33.2 million
  5. #DigitalMarketing – 27.4 million
  6. #Technology – 26.4 million
  7. #Creativity – 25.2 million
  8. #Future – 24.6 million
  9. #Futurism – 23.5 million
  10. #Entrepreneurship – 22.7 million
  11. #Careers – 22.5 million
  12. #Markets – 22.2 million
  13. #Startups – 21.2 million
  14. #Marketing – 20.3 million
  15. #SocialMedia – 19.7 million
  16. #VentureCapital – 19.3 million
  17. #SocialNetworking – 19 million
  18. #LeanStartups – 19 million
  19. #Economy – 18.7 million
  20. #Economics – 18 million

Rules For Using Hashtags On LinkedIn 

We will simply list some rules you should keep in mind and consider before using hashtags on your LinkedIn content.

Hashtags are important, but your content is way more: Check for misspelled content as you don’t want to do that. Also, before writing a hashtag, check the spelling as well, so people don’t miss out on finding your post. As we mentioned above, you can use Publer AI Assist to help you generate amazing content and the right hashtags.

Don’t use punctuation. Avoid symbols and punctuation. Using spaces or symbols within a hashtag will break the hashtag. You can’t add apostrophes, commas, exclamation marks, etc.

Don’t overuse hashtags. Even though there is no limit to the number of hashtags, you can use them in your LinkedIn posts. We recommend limiting each post to a maximum of 5 hashtags.

Find your niche and capitalize on it. Industries and topics have niche hashtags that are especially specific to these niches. Finding the right hashtags will connect you with the best online communities interested in getting your content seen. 

Key Takeaways 

Get more visibility and grow your audience using the right content and hashtags on LinkedIn. Here is a quick summary of what you learned today.

  • Follow hashtags that are relevant to your business.
  • You can easily find hashtags on your search bar at the top.
  • Use Publer to generate the right hashtags according to your content and get more interactions.
  • Avoid using symbols and punctuation like apostrophes, commas, etc.

Now let us know which hashtags you follow. If yes, were any of your hashtags listed on the trending (see above) 2023? Let us know in the comments!

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