Hiding Instagram Likes is the NEW Trend?!

Instagram likes are not as important as they used to be. Hiding instagram likes is the new trend.

Although we live in the 12th year of the Instagram era, its influence keeps growing worldwide. As weird as it sounds, for quite a while, Instagram Likes meant more than the bank balance for many users.

Wall Street Journal research states that celebrities post almost half the content on Instagram. Sadly, the more people followed a specific category of stars, the more they compared their lives, causing a sense of sadness. Football players, for instance, were much more inspirational.

So, hiding Instagram Likes feels like a relief in not necessarily comparing yourself with one of the superstars.

Ever heard of:

“Nothing is what it seems behind the curtains?”

Sorry! We meant behind the screen!

The influence of Instagram likes is increasing daily worldwide.

The Influence of Instagram Likes

The power of social media platforms is undeniable. The magic that most businesses consider as good luck is the Algorithm. For example, an engaging image on Instagram can attract potential clients from the other side of the World.

This is how Instagram actually created a new form of doing business. The one of promoting hotels, restaurants, and bars by bringing out the influencers as a new promising career.

What might seem like the key to success in an influencer’s world it’s the number of followers and likes as a measuring method of success. Instagram Likes became vital, indicating digital success and a profitable marketing method.

Moreover, thanks to a high engaging image or an impressive number of likes, an individual account or a business page can obtain many benefits. All over the world, it has become a trendy career to benefit from free products/ services in exchange for publicity.

The importance of getting as many Instagram Likes as possible

Hiding Instagram Likes – New Alternative

Although Instagram Guidelines and Privacy Policy clearly indicate that fake numbers on followers and likes risk your account getting shut down once and forever, many users neglect such a warning.

So, when people try to be tricky, Instagram reacts with a smart update:
“The option of hiding Instagram likes on every post!”

Now, that’s an alternative that still is up to the user. But, it indicates a lot about a page, whether it has an organic growth or simply chooses to be private about its content’s online success.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri explained that the platform would add an alternative to hiding likes to better its users’ emotional and mental health. However, a CNBC report states that hiding Instagram likes option aspires to encourage its users to post much more often.

Hiding Instagram Likes is the new trend online.

Likes will no longer be an indication of successful content

Still, users will see the number of likes in private. This will give them a clear view of which posts are preferred by their audience.

Newbies need such a feature to test various types of content and realize what their potential clients expect from them. With a detailed analysis of their target audience, this strategy will benefit businesses of all sizes and industries.

It’s noteworthy mentioning that hiding Instagram likes is becoming more and more welcomed by users for no specific reason. They’re not hiding information. They’re being private. As a matter of fact, hiding Instagram Likes is now considered more as a growing trend among users worldwide.

Hiding Instagram likes is beneficial because:

  • It directs the audience’s attention to the quality of the post.
  • It stops visitors from not assuming that a post is important and helpful only because it has many likes.
  • Plus, hiding Instagram Likes doesn’t affect the algorithm of showing your content to potential clients.

For peace of mind, post whatever you feel you must share with your audience, and forget about the number of likes.

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