2020 Holiday Season for Small Businesses on Social Media

Safe options are the only options!

2020 has taught us so many things. Also, it has empowered everyone to take chances and give life to tons of new ideas.

Online shopping has been prioritized for quite a long time now.

2020 Holiday season is so different. Small businesses have more pressure as they’re experiencing the competition even more.

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How can a small business maximize its performance and revenue this holiday season

Early in July, we wrote about the Christmas season which is coming early this year. July-December… it’s a whole 6 month period.

Pinterest users have been searching, finding, and purchasing Christmas gifts during summer. People already miss gathering around their dearest family members. If there’s one thing they want to be sure is to order as many gifts as possible. Before everything goes out of stock.

Luckily, Pinterest, Instagram (Story and Caption), YouTube, and Facebook have provided amazing solutions to online shopping.

There’s actually something that didn’t change. Even when the borders started to open and some physical stores got back to life. Online shopping never stopped its powerful impact.

According to usatoday.com, the most famous and large brands are in fact considering keeping their stores closed. That might happen during Thanksgiving and Black Friday. That’s actually very helpful to avoid any kind of boost during this problematic situation.

Does it mean people will not be shopping at all at Walmart or Target stores? In fact, we believe people will make some pre-Christmas shopping instead. And also, everyone should be aware of the inconsistency in shipping times.

Online shopping is getting more and more important

According to daVinci Payments, 71% of US adults planned to do more than half of their holiday shopping digitally this year. This is a great opportunity for most businesses. Mostly, for the ones that provide eCommerce services during this holiday season.

eCommerce site traffic is getting busier and busier as everyone’s focusing on online and safe shopping.

Most of the yearly traditions are already feeling different. No more events dedicated to Thanksgiving, Brack Friday, or Christmas. Everything feels digital now.

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Mobile is turning heads

It’s no secret that mobile usage was increased this year. People were staying at home for weeks, enjoying tons of amazing YouTube. Or TikTok videos/filters to take the mind off the stressful situation.

Most social platforms have advanced their features and added so much more so everyone could help/support each other.

Instagram and Facebook have both provided smooth eCommerce options. Online catalogs have never been more transparent and easy. You’re practically one click away from purchasing. No useless reminders, extra informations. Only flexible solutions to a nice online experience.

YouTube is also providing shopping tools. They help creators make the most out of their time, content, and influence. What’s better than purchasing amazing products while watching your favorite vlogger using them? The same goes for the IGTV-s which are already monetized.

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