How a Digital Food Safety Specialist Makes Food Safety 500x Faster and 15x Cheaper

How a Digital Food Safety Specialist Makes Food Safety 500x Faster and 15x Cheaper Written by Jete Nelke Head of Marketing

Written by Jete Nelke – Head of Marketing

Tackling regulatory compliance and food safety management can be challenging and daunting, especially for a new business. Therefore, many business owners decide to hire a food safety consultant to help with the tasks.

In recent years, an innovative, state-of-the-art solution, known as a digital food safety specialist, is coming into existence, combining artificial intelligence and food safety expertise to provide a customized solution for food establishments.

Let’s learn how a digital food safety specialist offers an efficient and cost-effective solution to maintain food safety in order.

How a Digital Food Safety Specialist Makes Food Safety 500x Faster and 15x Cheaper Written by Jete Nelke Head of Marketing

Manual vs. Digital Food Safety Specialist

Food safety is an ultimate responsibility for any food enterprise. Regardless of the company size, every food business must guarantee that its product is safe to consume. Furthermore, a strong food safety culture is fundamental for business growth and sustainability.

Food safety consultants bring their extensive knowledge and experience to help companies achieve their food safety goals. The services range broadly from navigating relevant regulations, designing HACPP plans, training staff to preparing external audits.

Whether it is a multinational food manufacturer, a franchise restaurant, or a local catering service, keeping food safety under control can be challenging and time-consuming, with tons of work waiting to be done. Even when you have a consultant, a lot of the tasks are done manually.

Here is where a digital food safety specialist comes to the rescue.

A digital food safety specialist combines the expertise of food safety professionals and artificial intelligence (AI). It is also designed to perform various tasks like a consultant does, only with much less time, via digital platforms, and paperless. In other words, food safety software allows you to manage the entire food safety management from the tip of your fingers.

How a Digital Food Safety Specialist Makes Food Safety 500x Faster and 15x Cheaper Written by Jete Nelke Head of Marketing
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Time Saving & Cost-Efficient Solution

Using an AI-based food safety software saves you a lot of time which your team can allocate for other activities. 

For example, building a compliant HACCP plan only takes roughly 1 hour, saving you at least 3 – 4 weeks compared to the manual, paper-based versions. Likewise, an extra 8 hours per week is saved by following other day-to-day food safety procedures via the app, such as record keeping, staff training, or supervising your team. In total, it’s 500x faster than hiring a consultant!

As you might have known, a consultant charges by the hour. On top of that, the more experienced, the higher the fee. On average, hiring a food safety consultant costs $1000 – 1500 to create a HACCP plan. In comparison, you can build a digital HACCP plan for only $239 and $399/month for an all-in-one food safety system.

Here are why a digital food safety expert provides you reliable solutions while saving you a significant amount of time and money.

Professional food safety experts and artificial intelligence

Let’s take a digital HACCP builder as an example. As you might have known, numerous activities are required to develop a solid and effective HACCP plan, from researching regulations applicable to your business, rounds of meetings with food safety specialists, site visits, staff interviews, data collection, etc. No wonder, doing everything manually takes at least several weeks.

Using our HACCP plan builder, you can simplify all the tedious works without reducing the essence of each activity. All you need in hand is the information you need when creating a HACCP plan with a consultant. For example, a list of materials, flow chart, waste disposal, etc. Instead of having hours and hours of meetings, you only need to fill in the information into the software. Even better, some questions have provided selections of answers. So, you don’t even need to type them.

Next, the software will do a thorough analysis based on your answers by filtering out information and recognizing crucial aspects to generate a HACCP plan that suits best your food establishment. There you go, a compliant HACCP plan ready in under 1 hour!

Easy and quick adjustment

HACCP plan is a customizable and revisable document rather than a permanent one. It needs a modification when there is a substantial change, for example, changes in raw materials, processes, regulations, or various adjustments due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

If you have a digital food safety system, you can make changes anytime you wish. The software will update and add new critical control points (if any), likewise with other procedures—no need to hire a food safety consultant, which takes extra time and costs.

Real-time & 24/7 access

Digital food safety specialist lets your team have 24/7 real-time access from your phone, tablet, or computer. 

In case you need to check a document in the middle of the night, or an incident happens when you’re out office, you don’t need to wait because you can easily access all your food safety procedures and documents anywhere and anytime you wish.

Coverage of various food safety standards

Sometimes food manufacturer needs to apply more than one food safety management system to comply with government regulations, company strategy, or customer demands. In that case, a digital food safety specialist like FoodDocs offers a one-stop solution because it offers numerous international food safety standards, including HACCP, FSSC 22000, BRC, IFS, TACCP, and VACCP. Having multiple FSMS under one platform certainly reduces the extra work, time, and of course, money!

Thanks to the rapid growth of technology, managing food safety is much less complicated than ever. More importantly, it saves you a lot of effort, time, and money.

How a Digital Food Safety Specialist Makes Food Safety 500x Faster and 15x Cheaper Written by Jete Nelke Head of Marketing

Are you interested in switching from a manual to a digital food safety specialist?

Let us take away your headache in keeping food safety under control. Sign up for a 14-day free trial of FoodDocs services and build a free HACCP plan that suits your business!

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