How a Health and Beauty Salon can utilize Social Media

How a Health and Beauty Salon can utilize Social Media

Written by Andrea Sharp

Owning a health and beauty salon has been a challenge in the last year or two, restrictions and lockdowns will definitely have affected the bottom line of even the most established business.

How a Health and Beauty Salon can utilize Social Media by Andrea Sharp

So how can you rise from the ashes like a phoenix and Covid proof your business?

The answer may be, in building a strong social media strategy that not only WOW’s your regular client base but also mesmerizes and educates those that see your salon as an option, helping you build your clientele.

Social media and building a brand go hand in hand and it is a powerful tool. Gone are the days of trying to get published in the local paper to show your skills.

There are over 3 billion people using social media and the statistic is rising incrementally year on year. Your brand can organically grow a following without a massive spend on advertising.

You can now grow your audience and build awareness of your team, services, and retail very quickly.

This is so important if you have new members of the team and you are trying to build their appointment base.

When you have a brand that looks professional on social networking platforms, you change your clients’ perception of you.

Perception of your brand and services is very important. Get it right and the clients’ idea of how you operate will be one of value and respect, seeing you as a true professional.

It may also protect you from the current problem of “no shows.”

People booking an appointment, then not turning up is not only frustrating but also a sure-fire way to lose profit at an already difficult time.

To gain this respect and value you need to be consistent and be a brand that resonates with how they feel, how they want to look, and the “tribe” they aspire to fit into.

To keep the consistency, using a scheduling site such as Publer is the best option. You can plan your posts, setting aside time, and then relax knowing that it is done, giving you that all-important peace of mind and mental space to run your business successfully.

Building a social media presence can be fun, it can also help you reassess your business, leading to exciting changes and new ideas. It’s good practice to brainstorm with your team to think about where you want to fit in the marketplace and the type of client you want to attract.

Through social media, you cannot only show details of your team, skills, etc, but you can also build trust.

Trust is essential at this time, people feel better when they know that you have their health in mind. You can also quickly update your status to show any new changes in operation due to the latest restrictions or guidelines, showing you are a true professional and have the client’s best interests at heart.

What is so great, is that this trust can be built very quickly, before social media existed, it took years to get noticed and respected.

Now it can all be done at the press of a button.

How a Health and Beauty Salon can utilize Social Media by Andrea Sharp

All credits to: Andrea Sharp

I am a Global communication coach who specializes in Business English, Leadership, and management skills. I had my own successful business for many years in the Hair and beauty sector and was a finalist in numerous awards.

I have two grown-up daughters and I live in the beautiful, historical city of York in the Uk.

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