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How (and why) we rebranded Publer

June 01, 2022

If there’s something that Publer was missing, and if there’s one thing that the entire team endlessly worked on these past few months, that’s the branding.

Some background story:

Publer started as a simple side project back in 2012 to help my brother schedule posts and build an online presence on Facebook for his new business. Today, thanks to Facebook and Publer as a sidekick, his travel agency is one of the biggest ones in the country.

I immediately realized that just like my brother, tons of solopreneurs, business owners, freelancers, social media managers, marketing teams, and agencies needed a social media publisher …publisher … publisher… Publer!

As a bootstrapped project, all efforts and resources went into building the product that it is today. 

Believe it or not, we didn’t even have an actual logo. What you had seen so far, was a superhero font you could easily download for free on the internet.

But with over 100,000 users on board (thank you!), it was time for a brand identity.

We have reached 100K users on board

We could have hired an agency to design the new logo and build the brand for us, but that wouldn’t be authentic. It wouldn’t be us.

So we rolled up our sleeves and started experimenting. Designers, developers, content writers, marketing, everybody was involved.

A colorful journey

We started making small and big changes in every path our superhero walked on. The ones most visible at first glance are for sure the color palette, our superhero, and the logo.

After many reconsiderations, we decided to add more options to our spectrum. We decided to leave bold green for other types of industries and to add some hues of blue for a fresher rebranding.

Publer's new color palette

The color palette needed to expand. Up until before, everything gave a monochromic vibe. Now, while still preserving green as the primary color we have expanded the secondary color palette. This is also perceptible in illustrations where the opportunity to experiment is greater.

This brings us to the next important aspect that needed modernization. The SUPERHERO! With time his style was starting to fall behind and show signs of outdated lines. This superhero needed a special refresh.

The new Superhero

The superhero goes towards a more amusing style and is more user-friendly. We have preserved some of the green colors here as well so that we can be easily identified, but have greatly improved his image at the same time.

P for Publer

The logo was a crucial element that unquestionably needed a makeover for this new era. We aimed to create a symbol that would fit well not only in the superhero outfit but also be well applied everywhere on the web, apps, social networks, etc.,

The chosen symbol is a stylized version of the letter P. Being that the letter “P” is not a symmetrical letter itself, as the letter A is, it had to be custom-designed to become more proportional and dynamic.

Publer's new logo

What you see today is the work of everyone that hides behind Publer’s mask.

I hope you enjoy the new look as much as we do. We believe it truly reflects what Publer has always been on social media and online communications: fun and friendly.

Coming next: A completely redesigned dashboard to provide the best user experience while managing your social media accounts.

Thank you for being part of this incredible journey.

I mean it!

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