How Is AI Used In Social Media Marketing? 4 Use Cases

February 11, 2023
how is ai used in social media

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the world of social media, making it easier and more efficient for businesses and individuals to connect with their audiences.

With the rise of AI, it’s no surprise that this technology is increasingly used to drive social media marketing efforts and improve results. 

From content creation and ad optimization to social listening and influencer marketing, AI is revolutionizing how companies nowadays approach social media marketing. 

In today’s article, we will discuss what AI is, how AI is used in social media, and the benefits it can bring to social media marketing, along with four use cases.

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What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intelligence in machines, and it is designed to think and act like humans. These intelligent systems can be trained to perform speech recognition, image recognition, pattern recognition, decision-making, and language translation tasks.

AI has several subfields, such as machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and computer vision, each focused on developing algorithms that enable machines to perform specific tasks. The ultimate goal of AI is to build systems that exhibit human-like intelligence and behavior in various environments.

Benefits of Using AI in Marketing

AI is changing the way marketing is done, bringing many benefits to your business. Key benefits of using AI in marketing include:

Personalization: AI can analyze massive amounts of customer data and deliver highly personalized experiences for each customer, increasing engagement and loyalty.

Improve Customer Insights: AI-powered tools help collect and analyze large amounts of customer data, which companies can use to improve marketing strategies.

Efficient targeting: AI can help identify the right audience for a particular marketing strategy, making campaigns more effective and efficient.

Real-time optimization: AI-powered systems can analyze data in real time, allowing companies to respond quickly to market changes and optimize their strategies accordingly.

Improved ROI: AI can help businesses improve their return on investment by reducing manual work, increasing efficiency and accuracy, and delivering more personalized and targeted marketing experiences.Β 

How is AI Used in Social Media ?

Now let’s learn how AI is used in social media platforms. There are several ways you can use AI in social media marketing to improve your overall marketing efforts and improve your results. Some of the possibilities are:

Write Social Media Posts

Marketers spend a lot of time creating content for distribution on social media and managing engagement across all channels.

Traditional social media management tools help streamline social media scheduling and monitoring. But AI tools go further.

Some tools automatically generate social media content across all channels, up to automatically inserting hashtags and shortened links. There are also tools to schedule these releases in bulk automatically. Today’s AI tools can handle creating and managing certain types of social media in minutes. 

Write Social Media Ads

Many businesses use social media for advertising to convert and generate sales. Most companies focus on a particular form of social media advertising called pay-per-click (PPC). PPC requires you to pay a fixed fee each time someone clicks on your ad.

This is where AI, powered by machine learning, can help. Indeed, some AI suggests which languages and messages are the most effective to optimize your clicks and the conversion rate of your ads. You will be able to create really effective advertising campaigns on social networks like Instagram or Facebook.

Customer Support Chatbots

You can also integrate AI-powered chatbots with social media channels to provide instant, personalized customer support and help generate leads. 

AI-powered chatbots are becoming increasingly popular on social media platforms, enabling businesses to provide fast and efficient customer service. Chatbots improve the customer experience by handling various customer queries and providing immediate responses.

Social Listening

It’s no exaggeration to say that social media isn’t always the most comfortable place to be. Trolls may send offensive and hateful comments. This doesn’t serve the community you’re trying to build and can negatively impact employee well-being. Worse yet, malicious accounts can post spam or try to scam viewers.

Then, it is essential to take these kinds of comments into account. The sooner they are removed, the better for your online community. However, these users are sometimes hard to find when dealing with a large number of comments. In this case, you need an automated system to detect it.

AI can analyze comments for abuse and spam. You can then block the user and delete comments that you consider abusive. That means less time scrolling through comments and more time creating better content for your audience.

Popular AI Tools for Social Media Marketing

Now that you know more about how AI is used in social media, here are three AI tools that will help you perform better on social networks.


While technically, Publer AI is not released to the public yet, many users of the platform were lucky enough to be the first to use the incredible AI capacity on their social content.

The soon-to-be-released AI within the Platform will enable users to utilize the power of AI to finish the copy, write brand-new text, generate incredible images, and even reply to comments through AI Assist.

Here are some of the features using AI that you will find on Publer:

  • When you want to write a post on LinkedIn, for example, you can start writing your text, then press the Generate button, and the AI will finish the post by itself. The generated text will be highlighted in green to remove any confusion and separate the AI-generated content from the creators.
  • This function is available in several languages and can also generate hashtags.
  • If you’ve run out of ideas, you can also rely on the “Generate New Text” feature that creates a complete social media post in seconds based on the prompt you give.
  • The AI also allows you to generate images; if you’re specific enough, you can get some incredibly detailed images ready to hit “schedule.”
  • And yes. You can also utilize AI to reply to comments on your published posts right from within Publer.

Learn more in this video:

Try Publer today!

If you were on the fence about using Publer as your social media scheduler, we hope the new AI feature will change your mind.


Jasper is a copywriting tool that automatically generates persuasive and engaging copy using the power of AI. You can deliver compelling messages in your blog posts, landing pages, advertisements, social media posts, and marketing emails.

Here are some features you can find on Jasper:

  • Jasper AI has a variety of pre-built templates that allow you to list your products on amazon or create ads based on the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action) model.
  • Jasper also suggests what content you should write and provides headlines with catchy titles to attract your prospect’s attention.


Grammarly is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps users improve the quality of their writing. It uses advanced machine learning algorithms to detect and correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors and make suggestions to improve your word choice, style, and tone.

Here are the key features of Grammarly:

  • Grammarly integrates with various applications, including text editors, email clients, and social media platforms, allowing users to write confidently and easily create polished content.
  • Grammarly provides feedback on sentence structure and offers suggestions for improving readability.
  • It also has one of the most powerful plagiarism detection tools, ensuring your content is 100% unique.

Key Takeaways 

In summary, AI plays an important role in the development of social media. As AI technology advances, we can expect more exciting and innovative uses of AI in social media in the future. Here is a quick recap of the article.

  • AI makes social media more efficient and user-friendly through personalized content and recommendations.
  • You can also use AI for social listening and chatbots to make your customer service more responsive.
  • Publer uses the power of AI to make it easier for you to create your posts on your social media platforms.

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