How is LinkedIn helping Job Seekers

It has been an interesting, yet scary year and people have been experiencing multiple changes in their lives.

We’ve heard different stories about how people have changed or even lost their jobs during the past 5 months. Many of them haven’t found any kind of solution towards this problem while some others have turned their eyes to LinkedIn.

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As we all know, LinkedIn is the professional social network that showcases resumes and helps connect many people, who are seeking for a job or hiring. Except for that, everyone can share their thoughts on every event going on in the world. Also, everyone can give tips and tricks on how to properly behave during an interview, or notify others regarding any job vacancy.

Lately, everyone on LinkedIn can highlight their work, so recruiters can easily view their portfolio.

The recent job gap has brought up new job vacancies that mainly consist of flexible ones. Being that most of the offices worldwide were closed for a long time, it was (still is, somehow) a must to work from home.

Hiring people over the internet has been quite easy since a long time ago because we all know how many people have been interviewed and given a chance to work abroad right from a video-calling platform.

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Many people on LinkedIn share their thoughts about the return in the office and new hygiene policies. It is very important to talk about the discipline and safety at this time of the situation.

According to the online hiring platforms, there were many open vacancies such as Mental health coaches, Real estate legal assistants, Bookkeepers, Online ESL teachers, Database administrators, etc.

This is how LinkedIn helps job seekers get hired easily:

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Recruiters and brand pages have shared news about all open vacancies by using a specific hashtag, #GetHired. The advantages of hashtags are long-known and it’s amazing how powerful they were during the pandemic as well. It takes one single #hashtag to centralize people.

LinkedIn News. LinkedIn shares updates regarding the best platforms to communicate virtually with, travel restrictions, open positions, mental health guides, tips to ace the online interviews, etc. 

Online courses. In order for people to make the best out of their time and get more information or experience, LinkedIn increased the number of online courses. There are multiple courses on how to find a decent job, video interview tips, mindful practices, learning to teach online, social media for small businesses, etc.

Lately, LinkedIn shared an infographic that explains how marketing budgets were impacted by the entire situation. Apparently, people have been focusing more on the usage of webinars, video-creations, etc. than events and outdoor activities.

This is how we somehow understand which profession companies prefer more and which not. 

The whole work philosophy has changed and LinkedIn has given such a huge help, from which everyone who’s a part of it has been impacted.

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