How long can Twitter videos be? Over 2 minutes! Here’s how.

October 14, 2018

how to post longer videos on twitter
Is It Possible to Post Twitter Videos Longer Than 2 Minutes?

New rumors, apparently you can now upload Twitter videos longer than 2 minutes!! What?!
Well, yes! It is not just a rumor, it is true! Twitter videos can be up to 512 MB and 140 seconds long. Twitter is a microblogging and social networking service that you can enjoy as easily as watching or uploading videos and you can also reach different people like some celebrities, experts and other users.

Record and Post Videos Longer Than 2 Minutes on Twitter

Why 140 seconds long?

That’s Twitter’s maximum limit for 3rd party apps like Publer. Let’s take a closer look into understanding this new adjustment that validated the uploads of twitter videos longer than 2 minutes.

If you use Twitter’s interface you can upload videos up to 2 minutes and 20 seconds long. But that is not the all of it!

Did you know that, if you use Twitter’s Media Studio business product, you can apply for permission to upload videos up to 10 minutes long?

Even though we won’t let you schedule videos that are not compatible for the selected social network, here are all the video restrictions for each social network. Keep in mind that these restrictions apply only when using Publer.

Video restriction

Maximum size
1 GB1 GB512 MB

Maximum length
20 minutes20 minutes140 seconds

Between 32×32 and 1280×1024
Social Media – Table of Contents

Publer supports all video formats. If necessary, as in Twitter’s case, we will automatically convert the video to MP4 for you.

Not only that but with Publer you can automatically watermark your videos with your very own logo before publishing them on social media. No editing skills required. Yes, we’re that awesome πŸ˜Ž

Schedule Twitter Post with Publer’s Platform

Now you know that it is possible to post Twitter videos longer than 2 minutes. If you decide to use Publer’s special plans we will automatically convert to the best format and watermark your videos for you.

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