How to avoid SEO mistakes in 2020

Every brand that owns a website and wants to rank it as higher on Google as possible, focuses a lot on all possible mistakes regarding SEO.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an important digital marketing tool that helps rank the website on Google and gives your brand enough visibility to reach new and potential clients. It is a vital tool to keep a decent online presence among all the similar brands out there.

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There are many elements SEO is made of, respectively:

Off-Page SEO – Taking care of the website’s SEO by actions done outside the website. There are many ways you can do that, such as linking a URL to a photo on Pinterest, attaching to a social media post, posting on forums, adding an RSS Feed subscription box, etc.

Local SEO – Helps local businesses distinguish and rank first when people search by city or country.

Content – If your brand doesn’t own a blog yet, create one. It’s highly recommended to write as much as possible regarding a specific niche so people who are interested in knowing more about that, your articles and website will appear first.

Keyword – or else, the King 👑. Specific words and phrases to describe a brand, service, or product, so that people can easily be redirected to your brand’s website and find their wanted solution right there.

Now we have a better understanding of the importance of SEO usage on websites. But, how do we avoid possible mistakes so that your website ranks higher on Google and we get seen by most of the people?

Take Publer as an example. In case you search for the brand’s name, the first thing you will see on Google is the website and also, it’s Google My Business account on the right.


In this case, the first result to be shown on Google is the latest collaboration of Publer and AppSumo, which have definitely done an amazing job to help rank that high.

Publer x AppSumo

You can also view Publer rank on the first page of Google when you search the following phrases:

Search for: Automatically delete posts

Here’s a list of all SEO mistakes you should avoid:

  • Unclear goals. Aim for the identification of what you want to receive from your website. It needs a strategy and a ToDo list to follow.

  • Humans over search engines. When you are trying to focus on an SEO strategy, you should be aware of the importance of people, because customers who love your brand will promote you just the same way.

  • Missing Meta Descriptions. It’s important to write meta descriptions for your website and blog articles. It is one of the most important SEO strategies which easily helps rank higher on search engines.

  • Similar content on Meta tags. It’s better to use some different text because it is easier for the search engine to choose which pages to show.

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